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How to save your blonde hair during confinement?

Weeks pass and you miss your hairdresser? Although it's not a top priority, we would like to avoid letting our hair fall out (in both senses of the word). Here are some pro tips for taking care of your blonde hair on your own to avoid chick yellow.

No nonsense!

You are not a hairdresser! So put down those scissors and forget the decorating powder in your closet or your attempt at creating a plunging bob. Without your favorite hairstylist, you're going to have to be patient and wait . If your roots grow, it does not matter, it is pretty too. Don't try to do your highlights alone or ask your husband.

The hairdressers are studying and regularly follow training courses, so to touch up the discoloration part, we are waiting for the end of the confinement to make an appointment in your salon on Planity or on other partner platforms of your hairdresser.

Anti-yellow tips

Yellow is the worst enemy of a pretty natural blonde. All blondes go through the anti-yellow battle and you have to arm yourself accordingly. If you have a patina left, great. Every three weeks, do it and follow the advice of your hairdresser to choose the height of your tone and your reflection , as well as the dosages (most of the time, we dose one unit of coloring cream for one and a half units of developer).

Attention adventurers who think that blue neutralizes yellow, you're wrong! The blue that combines with yellow becomes green... It's elementary. So, we listen to the pros and we don't buy a 10/12 without personalized advice, it could ruin your blonde (even if it works on your cousin). When in doubt, we favor anti-yellowing products with purple pigments which neutralize the yellow without the risk of giving a bad khaki reflection as in the case of an ash blond.

In addition to the patina, make a yellowing shampoo every week and leave on for a few minutes. There are also purple leave-in serums that will give you shine without yellowing like some orange oils.

Anti-breakage tips

When we talk about blond, we talk about discoloration and the decor, it breaks. Even if your hairdresser uses plex technology, your hair suffers strong aggression during the sweeping sessions . Unfortunately, anti-yellowing treatments will generally dry out your hair fiber even more.

So we take advantage of the confinement to pamper our hair, here are some tips adapted to the situation:

  • no need to straighten (what a time saver and your hair will breathe)
  • we wash less (oily hair at home, it's not a big deal and it feels good)
  • apply a nourishing oil a few hours before shampooing once a week
  • we take the time to leave a nourishing mask on for at least 10 minutes
  • we avoid hair dryers as much as straighteners

If you have the possibility of providing yourself with a complete kit of plex products such as Olaplex or Urbanplex, take advantage of the confinement to carry out the cure correctly . You will also see that putting the straightener and the hair dryer aside will give your hair some respite.

Bring shine

The blond is beautiful when you leave the hairdresser, but the hair fiber is damaged,the light fades quickly . To overcome this, there are a few tips to know. First of all, you can combine your treatments and alternate a repair mask with a mask for colored hair. The latter having a more acidic ph will close your scales and bring more shine. Additionally, you can rinse your hair with cool water.

Also, you can lip gloss from time to time to give a little pep to your color, or add a "clear" in your patina. In addition, be aware that lifestyle affects the health of hair (and nails by the way). The consumption of tobacco tarnishes the complexion and therefore the hair. In addition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies will lead to devitalization of the hair fiber and therefore a reduction in shine.

Consider taking dietary supplements such as brewer's yeast, once or twice a year (preferably with zinc, selenium and vitamins B, C and E). If you consider that the lack of light is due to the dryness of your hair, you can apply a pre-shampoo mask from time to time to moisturize or nourish your hair.

How to resist the wait?

You want to change or do touch-ups, but the hairdressers are closed right now. Make up your mind, confinement is not eternal . To avoid making a mistake, go on Youtube to watch a few videos of Brad Mondo, you will quickly give up playing the hairdresser. Besides, it will give you something to laugh about since we are witnessing the worst hair failures on the net.