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Tips for wearing good perfume

Putting on perfume allows us to highlight ourselves, to reveal our beauty, to increase our power of attraction, to reveal ourselves to others too. And against all odds, it provides many other benefits. Wearing a perfume also helps to improve your mood, boost self-confidence, stimulate well-being by soothing both body and mind. If smelling good makes you feel more beautiful, it also makes you feel better .

However, to derive the greatest number of benefits, it is better to avoid "cocoting". Are there any tricks to wearing stylish perfume? Here are the beauty tips to gain in efficiency, take full advantage of your fragrance and leave behind a pleasant olfactory wake.

The art of wearing perfume:choosing the perfume

As the first step in your olfactory journey, you must first understand what a perfume is. Your fetish essence is composed of three notes . The top note is the first you smell, which is also the most fleeting. Then, you smell the heart note which lasts a few hours and constitutes the heart of the Perfume. Then, the perfume evolves to leave only the base note. It is the perfect harmony between these three notes that will then define your personality.

To choose your fragrance from the range of Shiseido perfumes, choose the olfactory touches that you like. If you like chypre, fruity essences, opt for Zen. You will not be disappointed by its top notes of bergamot, gentian, its heart notes of violet, rose and then by its base notes of bamboo, patchouli and white musk. This perfume imbued with a relaxing effect, with joy, it will be your ally to fulfill both your body and your mind. If you prefer a natural, airy, floral fragrance where power and delicacy balance each other, choose Ever Bloom. Noble, velvety and smoky, with the distinctive smell of patchouli, Bornéo 1834 is an invitation to travel. If you prefer mixtures of flowers, plants and spices, opt for Relaxing to get calm, comfort and serenity. So many examples that highlight that you will find your second skin without difficulty by relying on the notes that compose it .

The art of perfume:applying perfume

Once you have found your Shiseido perfume, all you have to do is apply it optimally. Forget what you were doing until now , exit the bad habits that still persist today. STOP this habit of rubbing your flagrance between the wrists:you are distorting it! Also, avoid SPRAYING perfume on yourself. Just because you don't feel it doesn't mean the same is true for the people around you. Indeed, as strange as it may seem to you, the more you put in, the less it smells!

Because the first destination of a perfume is your skin, make sure that your skin is clean and well hydrated . Moisturized skin ensures longer lasting fragrance. Of course, use perfume-free soap and moisturizing body milk. Then focus on strategic areas of your body such as the famous "pulse points". The scent is particularly appreciated where body heat is concentrated . Deposit the aromatic particles of your perfume inside the wrists, elbows, behind the knees, behind the ears and at the level of your neckline. Remember to avoid areas exposed to the sun:perfume and UV do not mix. Then, clothes are very good carriers of perfume. To avoid wasting your fragrance unnecessarily, immerse yourself in a cloud of perfume that you will have formed in front of you by wearing your current fashion pieces in linen, cotton or wool only.

The art of wearing perfume:keeping the perfume

As you take care to store your cosmetics, do the same with your perfume. Badly stored, your perfume can deteriorate in a handful of weeks .

Protect your perfume from heat, temperature variations and humidity. Away with your bathroom shelf! The bottom of the fridge, a storage room are the most suitable places. Next, the perfume also does not like light. With the exception of opaque, steel, aluminum or porcelain bottles, keep your bottle in its original box. Of course, do not forget to recap it properly after each use at the risk of oxygen altering its composition. Although it may seem logical to you, store your bottle upright. And like all consumer products, your perfume also has a shelf life. Once opened, the perfume lives on and can only be kept for five years. After this time, it will only be useful for you to deodorize your toilets.