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8 tips for wearing over-the-knee boots in style

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving.Over-the-knee boots which once were associated with certain dress codes (and yes, no one has forgotten the beautiful Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) is now a fashion piece in its own right that has invaded our wardrobes for chic and sophisticated looks.

You may have loved looks with thigh high boots for this winter but you don't dare to buy some? Do you think that thigh high boots are not for you because you are small or round? You love this fashion piece but don't know what to wear with thigh-high boots?

Don't panic, we are going to prove to you by A + B and in pictures, that thigh-high boots are a must-have to adopt this winter. How to wear thigh high boots without looking vulgar? Discover all our fashion tips.

How to choose your waders?

Which model of wader to choose to be elegant?

We prefer black ones because they will match your clothes more easily. If you want to vary the color, there are also very pretty taupe or gray models that will also be easy to match.

For a chic effect, be sure to choose over-the-knee boots suede or a refined material that will not be vulgar. Say goodbye to leather or vinyl thigh-high boots!

Also be very careful in choosing your heels. Avoid stiletto heels and prefer a block or square heel and not too high.

Thigh high boots:what morphology?

It's not always easy to choose your waders and dare to wear them. These shoes suffer from a falsely vulgar image or we wrongly think that they are reserved for fashion bloggers who will be able to associate them with choice to create a chic and sophisticated look. However, over-the-knee boots are an ultra-trendy fashion item and they suit many silhouettes, whether you are petite, curvy or slender.

How to wear thigh high boots when you're petite?

You can definitely wear thigh-high boots when you're little . You just have to be sure to choose them with a heel to lengthen the silhouette.

You also have to be careful when choosing the model, favoring thigh-high boots that are tight and not too wide at the risk of looking like puss in boots!

In terms of outfit choice, beware of tops that are too long. Better to mark the waist with an A-line skirt or high-waisted skinny pants.

Same thing for wearing waders when you're round , we choose a tight model for a filiform rendering and we mark the size if possible.

What to wear with thigh high boots?

What skirt with thigh high boots?

The short skirt

If you opt for a short skirt with your boots, choose it in a thick material such as denim, corduroy or suede. As you'll be drawing attention to your lower body, it's important to contrast your look by choosing a more understated top.

Opt for a turtleneck type top, round neck sweater, blouse etc… A slightly oversized sweater worn with a tail tucked into the skirt will soften the sexy spirit of your outfit while being very trendy.

Pleated midi skirt

Another very contemporary way to wear thigh-high boots in style is to pair them with a pleated midi skirt.

It's a way to break the codes of thigh high boots and make a nice mix between vintage-style pieces and traditional pieces.

Wear your pleated skirt with a pretty XXL knit sweater for the perfect neo-bourgeois look chic. For this type of outfit, you need thigh high boots with a minimum of heel to lengthen your silhouette.

What dress with thigh high boots?

For a casual chic look, thigh high boots are worn with a very fashionable item this year:the sweater dress! Why does it match? Quite simply because the padded side of the sweater dress contrasts the sexy spirit of your boots. Everything is always a question of balance! If you opt for a beautiful, trendy dress, it will go chic with your thigh-high boots without appearing vulgar.

For a chic look, you can also wear your thigh high boots with a floral dress . Belt your dress at the waist for a touch of elegance.

To break the daring look of thigh high boots, you can also wear a t-shirt dress! 100% stylish look guaranteed!

What coat with thigh high boots?

No doubt about the choice of the coat with waders ! Opt for a long coat to accentuate the sophisticated effect.

A long beige coat will go perfectly with camel thigh-high boots, for example. The black coat is an easy choice that goes well with all colors of thigh high boots and complements all your looks very well.

What tights with thigh high boots?

For the tights, the choice is simple, we take black opaque tights but we forget the patterns at the risk of overloading the outfit.

How to wear thigh high boots at 50?

Who said you can't wear thigh high boots at 50? Style knows no age! It's all in how you accessorize your outfit and in your head.

On the other hand, be sure to choose your model of boots carefully. At 50, we avoid stiletto heels at the risk of being vulgar and getting a turn of the hips. We opt instead for a small heel or flat thigh boots. We wear the thigh high boots with a long pleated skirt and a blouse closed to the top or a beautiful trendy dress with an ascot collar, but we avoid the combination of thigh high boots and a mini skirt.

You can also wear a sweater dress with a turtleneck.

You will have understood that you can wear thigh high boots at 50 but with distinguished pieces that are not too sexy. already an ultra-feminine piece.

Please note :if you want to prevent your waders from slipping , wear high socks underneath. It may help you.

In summary:

The wader, yes! But be careful to choose the right model and outfit.

For a modern and chic look:

  • Choose flat or low-heeled thigh-high boots, but stay away from stilettos.
  • You can combine your high boots with a short skirt and an oversized sweater to balance the silhouette.
  • Floral dresses, pussy-bow dresses and sweater dresses are great choices to go with thigh-high boots.
  • Choose a long, straight coat for a sophisticated look.