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5 tips for applying make-up when wearing glasses

5 tips for applying make-up when wearing glasses Woman with glasses, very flirtatious woman? Here are 5 make-up tips to avoid missteps when wearing glasses.

Every woman who wears glasses, even from time to time, has to ask herself this question:how to wear makeup with binoculars on her nose? Follow the guide.

  • Take into account the correction of your glasses

First reflex to adopt and not the least:we think of the correction of said glasses. Indeed, depending on the specificity of your glasses, the effect will be different. For myopia, the glasses will tend to narrow the eyes, and it will be the opposite in case of hyperopia or presbyopia. The make-up should therefore be less forced in this case.

  • Bet on your lips for color

Do you like eyeshadow? Pity. When we wear glasses, we prefer lipstick, rather than a color on the eyes, which will probably be annihilated by the glasses.

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  • Amplify your gaze with concealer and mascara (waterproof)

Make-up specialists agree that it is necessary to illuminate the eyes, which will be darkened by the shadow of the glasses. We therefore apply a concealer to create light and mascara to enlarge the look. Always favor waterproof mascara, this will prevent you from walking around all day with tiny black spots on your glasses.

  • How about testing a bold liner?

Make-up artist Bobbi Brown told Marie Claire UK that a beautiful line of liner went extremely well with glasses. Be careful, however, to be careful:if you have thick frames, bet on a thin line and vice versa.

  • Don't neglect your eyebrows!
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Last point not to be overlooked:your eyebrows. Your eyebrow line should not be broken by that of your glasses frame. And your frame shouldn't spoil your brow line. Don't hesitate to ask your beautician for advice (and don't forget to take your glasses with you during the session). Some make-up specialists will be able to advise you.

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