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5 tips for applying your mascara properly!

Apply your mascara well in 5 steps


In your "Natural Elegance" beauty box, you will find Lady Green's "Divine Masquerade" Organic Mascara, which is why we are offering you a few tips for perfectly applying your intense look ally!

Tip 1:Choose your mascara according to the desired effect

To start, you have to know what you are looking for as a final result, rather volume, elongated eyelashes, a natural effect, curled or false eyelashes. Depending on its criteria, you can choose the mascara you are looking for. Lady green has a volumizing effect for a captivating look.

Tip 2:The Zigzag Application

When applying mascara, you have to be stable and take the brush out of the tube only once:do not pump on the brush, you will introduce air which will dry out your mascara over time.

Start from the base of the eyelashes and from below and apply the mascara by making zigzags. Iron several times in the same place so that all the lashes are impregnated. Apply mascara everywhere, even on the lower lashes to really open up your eyes. In case of fatigue or dark circles, you can avoid manipulation of the stockings for a lifting effect!

Tip 3:Put on your mascara according to the desired effect

For thicker lashes, apply the mascara with the brush in a horizontal position, and proceed with a back and forth motion. Doing the same gesture, but with the mascara in a vertical position, will give a more natural effect to your eyelashes.

After letting it dry, you can apply a second coat then a third coat, but no more! The rendering will be very elegant and without clumps.

Tip 4:Remedy small installation problems

Let the eyelashes dry before making pronounced movements of the gaze so that the tips do not come to stain the skin. If there are traces of mascara, use a cotton swab, without makeup remover and pick up the little black packet. Be aware that mascara always comes at the very end of eye makeup .

Tip 5:Your personal touch

To have more beautiful eyelashes, you can apply, using an old cleaned and disinfected mascara brush, serums or oils. I use castor oil, which will strengthen them and boost their growth.

Tip of the day: If your mascara is a bit dry, run it under hot water for a few moments or pour a few drops of contact lens product into the tube to thin the material.

Get the doe look and don't forget, you are naturally beautiful !

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