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When the hair begs for a drink!

You all know that your body needs water and a balanced diet to function properly. Well know that hair works exactly the same way. In the hair sector, many of us make the mistake of confusing a need for nutrition and hydration. How to make the difference ? Nutrition is comparable to food and hydration to water. So these are two different but complementary things.


Dehydrated hair? Have you ever heard this term? The cosmetic industries tend to cut corners and group the myriad of our hair needs/problems into three or four rather vague categories. So what's the difference between a hair that wants to be fed and a hair that wants to drink?

A need for nutrition is generally the problem of dry type hair (lack of sebum, loss of keratin elasticity, brittle and dull), while dehydrated hair can be found in any type of hair ( normal, oily or dry), it is a temporary condition that has a solution. This state simply reflects the lack of water in your hair.

How do I know if my hair lacks moisture? Firstly by the fact that it is not a normal state of your hair, this lack is always due to an external factor:sun, sea, swimming pool, hair dryer, straightener / curler, new shampoo, Brazilian straightening, brushing repeatedly… All these factors will quite simply alter the hydrolipidic film of the hair (this is the film that keeps the water on your hair) and will make your hair more porous than usual and therefore dehydrated.

How to cure this problem?

Hair, whatever its nature, always needs hydration, you can apply these tips throughout the year for prevention.

  • Like your body, when you're thirsty you drink! Drinking 1.5L of water a day is essential for beautiful hair.
  • Remember to remove the factor you think is responsible:hair dryer, straightener or curler, heat-free alternatives exist. Protect your hair from wind, sun and sea water.
  • Get one or more of these moisturizing agents that you can add to all your treatments:honey, agave syrup (available in the baking department of your supermarket), vegetable glycerin (find on the internet, in drugstores or organic stores) and aloe vera (findable on the internet or in organic stores)
  • Make pre-shampoo masks:a natural yogurt, a few tablespoons of one of the agents mentioned above (I prefer agave syrup for my part) and you will reboost the hydration of your hair
    • Seal in moisture with hydrating shampoos and/or conditioners like Secret de provence solid shampoo.

The results?

Those with wavy to curly or frizzy hair will especially appreciate the hydration on their hair. Redefinition, plump and shiny curls are there. The smoothest hair will regain suppleness and lightness. Test and you will approve;)