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The mistake we all make when we dry our hair.

The mistake we all make when we dry our hair.

Think you know how to properly dry your hair?

It's true that it seems simple since we've been doing this since we were little...

We take a towel and rub hard in all directions!

And yet, we often make a mistake that damages our hair every time we dry it.

What is this mistake that breaks hair and increases hair loss?

We rub too hard and for too long!

Here's why you need to stop it ASAP if you care about your hair. Watch:

The mistake we all make when we dry our hair.

Why should you avoid drying your hair vigorously?

When our hair is wet, it is very vulnerable.

Why ? The explanation is very simple and you will quickly understand:

After washing, the hair fiber is subjected to an unusual weight:

The weight of water!

Because of this water, the hair scales are no longer effective in protecting the hair properly...

So how do you dry your hair safely?

Now let's see the right method together:

How to dry your hair properly without damaging it?

The mistake we all make when we dry our hair.

First, know that it's a good thing not to leave your hair wet for too long.

But that's no reason to go too hard and too fast!

Indeed, it is very important to dry your hair gently.

How? 'Or' What ? Simply with a towel, but without rubbing like crazy.

To do this, limit friction and avoid the hair dryer at all costs!

Don't see how?

Let me explain in detail:

The best is to go there by gently and gently dabbing your hair with the towel.

Start with the tips first...

...and go up to the scalp to remove as much water as possible with each pass.

As you will have understood, you should also avoid wrapping a towel around your hair...

Why ? By doing this, you contribute to twisting and breaking your hair.

If you're really in a hurry, you can use the hair dryer, but on one condition!

First choose the minimum temperature and then very slowly increase the heat to gradually remove the moisture from the hair.

That's it, you now know the right method to dry your hair without making it fall out every time you dry it :-)

Another mistake we all make with our hair...

The mistake we all make when we dry our hair.

Another mistake we all make when washing our hair is not wetting it enough.

To go faster or lazy, people often don't wet them enough before cleaning them.

However, the secret to well-washed and well-groomed hair is simple:

You should wet your hair at least 30 seconds before shampooing.

It helps rid your hair of any pollution or dust buildup...

...while allowing the shampoo to penetrate the fiber more deeply.

By doing this, you increase the effectiveness of your shampoo, while avoiding another very common pitfall:shampoo residue.

Because when you don't wet your hair enough, the shampoo can't be diluted properly.

As a result, this leaves a lot of residue which also tends to damage them in the long term.