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The 9 principles of Beauty au Naturel

Beautiful au Naturel, discover with us the 9 principles for being so. With these few tips, get back to a healthy life and bring out your natural beauty. This is how we perceive a naturally beautiful woman and how do you perceive her?

1) Eat healthy.

A balanced and varied diet contains a bit of everything without excess, it favors products that are not chemically treated, organic or as natural as possible. We can never repeat it enough, avoid eating too fatty, too salty, too sweet and too caloric. The taste may seem more pleasant, but these excesses create an addiction that is harmful to our bodily health. Also avoid industrial products rich in artificial preservatives, artificial colors and flavors whose palatability is the design of the manufacturers. We quickly take pleasure in cooking healthy dishes with fresh or seasonal products, the smells and the gustatory pleasure are incomparable.

2) Drink natural drinks.

A fresh fruit juice in the morning to get the day off to a good start, water or herbal teas at any time to stay hydrated contribute to daily well-being. Avoid toxic excesses:alcoholic beverages to be consumed with sobriety of course, but also coffee and tea, the use of which must be limited because they are powerful stimulants. Prefer fruit juices to soft drinks. Remember to do a natural cleansing cure each off-season to help your body detoxify.

3) Take care of your body.

Always favor organic and natural cosmetics, healthier for your body and our planet. Exfoliate regularly to restore radiance to your skin. Moisturize your skin enough so that it retains its elasticity. Use a gentle cleanser for your face. Remove your make-up every evening, to let your skin breathe at night. Brush your teeth daily to maintain their whiteness. Style your hair to keep it looking good. Maintain them with natural products so that they keep their shine and do not deteriorate. Take care of your look, pluck your eyebrows and moisturize your eye contour with a suitable cosmetic. If you have any doubts, seek the advice of a professional, there is certainly an aesthetic center near you.

4) Exercise and breathe fresh air.

Nowadays many people have a sedentary job:little movement, uncomfortable postures, repetitive gestures which amplify pain, especially in the neck and back, arranging regular physical activity helps maintain the tone of our muscles and thus to keep our body and heart healthy. Even if it is not always possible to free up an hour for the practice of a specific physical activity, there is at least one trick to accomplish on a daily basis, it is to think of bringing in the belly, tightening the buttocks, rejecting shoulders back and head up in all the movements we perform.

5) Stand up straight, take care of your dress.

Our gestures are important in the image we want to give of ourselves. If everyone develops their potential differently, our appearance is the first ambassador of our assets so let's not neglect a few basic principles:growing up gives confidence, a frank look reassures, neat clothing as well as the radiance of the skin or maintained hair, are all pleasant assets to feel beautiful, gain confidence, dare and act.

6) Smile and see the positive.

Smiling is an act of generosity that always pleases, it is communicative and can bring a lot of happiness to those around us. Breathing deeply and trying to put everyday problems into perspective, thinking positively are the best ways to smile at yourself.

7) Allow yourself a moment of relaxation every day.

Giving your mind a break is very important, it allows the pressures and stress accumulated during the day to dissipate. It is up to everyone to find their outlet, relaxation session, music, reading, aesthetics, sport, etc… the important thing is to relax and escape for a short time to then resume their activities more serenely.

8) Sleep 8 hours every night.

The old sage of Zarathustra said:"one must have been wide awake during the day to sleep well at night" in other words all substances that reduce the quality of wakefulness:alcohol, tranquilizer, stress...degrade the night sleep. During our different sleep cycles our body and mind regenerate, detox, heal and recharge because a good sleeper goes to bed with confidence and wakes up refreshed.

9) Have faith in yourself.

Be a force of conviction and believe in your ideas 100%, you will be surprised to see how much your entourage will love to see you so radiant and full of initiative. Look for your own mode of expression:speak, sing, write, communicate to exist, reassure yourself, convince yourself of your abilities, esteem yourself.