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My body routine with the NUOO beauty box

Establishing a daily body beauty routine allows you to take the right steps to keep your skin soothed and radiantly healthy. Let's see how the NUOO beauty box helps you take care of your body all year round.

The advantages of the NUOO beauty box

At NUOO we have developed a cosmetic set containing only natural and organic products . We only work with brands whose skincare products contain at least 95% ingredients of natural or organic origin. In this way, we assure our customers of the highest quality products that are respectful of both the body and the environment. We invite you to come and discover the brands present in the NUOO beauty box.

In addition, NUOO takes the time to create a beauty profile of each person before activating the subscription. This way, our team can customize the monthly beauty boxes according to skin and hair type. In this way, we eliminate the risk of certain treatments not matching the skin tone of the recipient.

Beauty products that adapt to the seasons

Each month, our beauty box contains cosmetics that help you take care of your skin. But depending on the season, the types of products that can be found there are not the same.

In summer, our box is full of practical summer cosmetics to take everywhere with you. In the fall, we select treatments full of vitamins that help you transition to lower temperatures and shorter days. In winter, we boost your epidermis with simple and comforting treatments that help your body protect itself from external aggressions. And in April, when the good weather returns, our box is adorned with a thousand colors with a fruity and springtime selection.

All in all, the NUOO beauty box contains three natural and organic cosmetics, a green and ethical surprise, as well as a women's magazine full of good advice. Its personalized content allows you to respond adequately to the changing needs of your skin.

Examples of body routines with your NUOO beauty box

We are always careful to include in our boxes a wide variety of cosmetics that give you the opportunity to take care of your entire body. Below we give you examples of content from past beauty boxes.

One of our spring boxes includes an energizing LEAMO organic lemonade, ideal for boosting and invigorating the skin by rebalancing the body from within. The box also comes with an organic eye contour treatment from Kadalys, which reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue, as well as a shampoo John Masters Organics Mint Stimulant. Finally, Kivvi Fruity Micellar Water helps skin stay hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

For the summer, we have developed an all-blue box overflowing with original treatments. Our eyeliner and eyeshadow duo pencil enhances the look, while the hygiene of the epidermis is guaranteed thanks to the rhassoul clay of Savon Stories. The organic face cream des Happycuriennes balances your complexion. We also ensure your well-being with our Numorning Choco Boost Granola sachet, which pampers your body with its antioxidants and natural fibres.

Our box from last October is full of cosmetics adapted to the leisurely rhythm of autumn. Our Argiletz natural mask with soft clay gently cleanses the face by absorbing excess sebum, while the moisturizing cream Belesa protects you from skin dryness. The small perfume contained in the box allows you to wrap yourself in a sweet scent while you go about your fall business. To add a gourmet touch, the October box also contains a delicious chocolate bar.

By combining the products in our box, you maintain a healthy glow all year round, while protecting your skin from external aggressions.