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The straightening brush for smooth and shiny hair

Split hair, lack of volume, too flat or even too thin. Who has never heard a woman complain about her hair?

Fortunately, nowadays, there are more and more miracle products to help us tame our hair quickly. So why not cheat a little by using an accessory that will restore shape, volume and smoothness to our hair? Because yes, get silky and smooth hair with the heated straightening brush it's possible ! And this in just a few minutes.

This revolutionary product is suitable for all hair types. True 2 in 1, it styles and straightens your hair at the same time. Fantastic isn't it?

But what is the slicker brush for? How to use it correctly? How to choose it well? So much information to know before using this essential accessory for tamed and well-groomed hair.

All about the heated straightening brush

What is a straightening brush?

A straightening brush is a heated brush that allows you to straighten your hair and brush it in no time thanks to its ceramic part inserted in the brush. The heat is thus diffused in the bristles of the brush to smooth the hair.

Plugged into an electrical outlet, it heats up fairly quickly depending on the model. There are different temperature levels depending on the type of your straightening brush which will allow you to adapt the heat according to the volume of your hair.

Most straightening brushes on the market work with ionic technology . This technology makes it possible to stop the phenomenon of electric hair.

A few explanations to understand:when our hair is electric it is because of the positive ions and the heat. The ionic technology will release negative ions which will eliminate static electricity, so it is a real asset for soft and shiny hair. It is therefore in your best interest to choose a straightening brush using ionic technology to optimize your results.

How to use a straightening brush?

  • Wash your hair:use your brush on clean, dry hair and never on wet hair. If you were unable to wash your hair, use a dry shampoo as a backup solution.
  • Apply heat protectant spray r before using your brush to protect your hair. Then wait a minute or two to let the product work.
  • Plug in the brush and adjust the temperature to suit your hair. For fine hair, refreeze a low temperature and choose a brush that starts at 80 degrees. For thick hair, we will rather choose a model that can go up to 230 degrees.
  • Run the brush through your hair and comb it like you would with a regular brush. There is also a method that consists of brushing in the opposite direction to the usual direction. Starting from the tip and working up to the root to add volume to the top of the head.

The advantages of the straightening brush

  • It is very simple and quick to use
  • The brush heats up very quickly
  • One ​​or two strokes are enough to brush your locks, so it damages the hair less than a straightener
  • The straightening brush detangles the hair
  • The straightening brush gives volume and puts the hair in motion
  • The temperature adapts according to your hair type, you can manually adjust the desired heat
  • It gives a brush effect in just a few minutes
  • Its price is affordable with prices starting around €30

The disadvantages of the straightening brush

  • It can happen that you increase the temperature of the brush unintentionally by passing your fingers over the button when smoothing. So be sure to pay attention to this. Same thing with the on / off button which is often on the handle at the level of the grip.
  • The straightening brush is practical but remains less effective than a straightening iron for straightening very thick hair
  • The straightening brush doesn't achieve the "baguette" look that you can achieve with a straightener
  • It will be less effective for frizzy, afro or very voluminous hair

How do I clean my straightening brush?

Because the straightening brush is electric, you may be wondering how do you clean your straightening brush?

The best technique is to use a microfiber cloth that you pass carefully between the pins. Just like with a classic brush, you can also manually remove the hair residue tangled in the brush.

Try to clean it between each use for greater durability over time or at least remove excess hair after each styling. Never put water or scratch the plates because it will damage your hair the next time you use it.

Straightener VS smoothing brush?

What is the difference between a hair straightener and a hot brush?

The straightener only allows you to straighten your hair without style them. The electric device clamps a strand of hair between two ceramic heating plates. This device is very useful for permanently fixing a smoothing or coming to the end of thick, curly or frizzy hair.

The straightening brush brushes and smooths your hair at the same time. It is much faster to use than a straightener. The temperature is often lower than on a straightener.

You will understand, each tool has its uses. It depends on the desired result and your hair type.

The Top 5 straightening brushes

Madame Paris straightening brushes:Miracle and Lila

They are suitable for all hair types, from fine hair to frizzy hair.

Both models can range from 80 degrees to 230 degrees. They are equipped with an LCD screen and a rotating handle. We like the automatic lock which prevents pressing the buttons during styling and therefore does not disturb the temperature. The Lila model uses ionic technology. Count between €120 and €149.90 for one of these heated brushes.

Babyliss straightening brush:Liss Brush 3D

With a very attractive price of €49.90, the Liss Brush straightening brush seduces us with its quality that has nothing to envy to the more expensive straightening brushes on the market. The results are present thanks to its ceramic heating base, its ionic function and its 3 types of pins to evenly distribute the heat. We also like its rectangular shape which allows you to have a larger smoothing surface with each pass. It goes up to 200 degrees.

Calor Power Straight Smoothing Brush

For the reasonable price of €50, this brush specially designed for frizzy and curly hair offers frizzy hair to be tamed in no time. Ionic technology, ceramic, triple pins and adjustable temperature.

The Remington Keratin Protect CB7480 straightening brush

This brush with its 3 temperatures has a little extra that will seduce you:it incorporates a keratin treatment and almond oil in its ceramic to protect our hair. We also like its fairly wide tip which allows you to take a large lock of hair and go quickly to blow-dry. The result is very satisfying and the cost is only around thirty euros.