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All about the color of the moment:ash blond

Tired of your color, you would like to change your look but you don't know where to turn? Platinum blonde, amber blonde, golden blonde? Maybe you should try the trending color of the year:ash blonde hair color .

Why is this unusual color so adopted by stars and fashionistas around the world? Because it is a very natural color. However, it requires very specific maintenance and is not suitable for all skin tones.

Who is ash blonde for? How to get the perfect ash blonde? How to take care of your color?

What is ash blonde?

Ash blonde is a shade of blonde. A soft mix between two colors:blond and gray (silver or ash).

A multi-toned ash blonde. for example, you can define a very light blonde that tends towards gray like an ash blonde, but you can also call an ash blonde a very light and cold chestnut color.

It is easily distinguished by its gray highlights and does not look like a golden blond which will tend to pull on the yellow and be more luminous.

Who can wear ash blonde?

This is a cool toned color. The ash blonde is therefore perfect for people with a fair complexion , light eyes and already blond or light brown hair. It is also often said that ash blond is very pretty on skin that blushes easily.

People with warm complexions will find it more difficult to wear ash blonde because it will dull their complexion. They prefer blondes with warm highlights to have a healthy glow.

How to get an ash blonde?

Find a model that inspires you

First of all, like any change of head, the ideal is to find a photo that inspires you. Better that than being disappointed because you have poorly explained to your hairdresser what type of color you want to obtain. So bring your laptops and some photos found in google image, Pinterest or other...

Staining or discoloration?

To get an ash blonde , you will have to take into account your base color. Depending on your current color, this may be a big change that requires up-front work and therefore fading. We therefore advise you not to try to achieve this color alone at home the first time but to go to a professional salon.

If you really want to achieve your own color at home with a mass-market product, then be sure to choose your shade carefully and take your current color into account.

  • If you are already blonde, we will directly apply the ash blonde color.
  • If you are light brown, you will first need to bleach 2 tones before proceeding to coloring.
  • If you are dark brown, this could seriously damage your hair fiber because of the many discolorations to be carried out to lighten your hair. Ask your hairdresser for advice.

What balayage for an ash blonde?

3 rules for choosing your balayage with an ash blonde:

If you want to give some pep to your color :you can choose a light blond sweep but above all do not do golden sweeps which do not adapt at all to the ash color of your blond.

If you want to break the uniform side of your color :then the technique will consist in making wicks slightly darker than your base color. This method will bring shades without lightening your blonde.

If your goal is to get a stronger ash color , so make silver gray locks.

How to maintain your ash blond color?

If you want your color to last over time, it is very important to take care of it by practicing care and using suitable products.

A few tips to follow to maintain your ash blonde:

  • Use a special shampoo for blonde and/or colored hair
  • Use a yellowing shampoo
  • Always choose sulphate-free shampoos to protect your hair
  • Apply a conditioner for blonde and/or colored hair to hydrate your hair
  • Make a nourishing mask once a week instead of your treatment
  • Use hair products with blue and purple pigments to prevent yellowing of your color
  • Redo your ash blonde color approximately every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the appearance of the roots.

What hairstyle with an ash blonde?

Is there a hairstyle particularly suitable for the ash blonde color?

The answer is no because your ideal hairstyle will often depend on the shape of your face. And as we said, this color is suitable for all ages and can be worn on short, medium or long hair.

If you want an ultra modern haircut , so do not hesitate to play with the different hairstyles to make a pretty braid on the top of your head or to achieve the perfect wavy by making beautiful natural curls. You can also adopt the Pixie short haircut in a curly or tousled version which is perfect for ash hair!

Also check out the best ideas for plunging bob cuts which is a cut that goes perfectly with the ash blonde color for a trendy look.