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Fashion:what are the trendiest color combinations of the moment?

For the past few seasons, fashion has made color palettes its playground with the color block trend (which consists of mixing strong colors together). But if already wearing colors is not an easy task for everyone... Combining them is a real fashion challenge for ordinary mortals. To dare to use color and its bold combos , we are inspired by the looks of seasoned fashionistas who have more than one color chart in their bag.

Fashion trend 2021:these color combinations to favor

If fans of the "Parisian" style , more classic, will stick to a punchy color (purple, yellow or orange) that they will associate with more sober tones or with the new essential chromatic combo black and navy blue , the fashionistas of the East, who seem to have a propensity for colorful looks to wake up their often gray weather, dare everything:lilac and fir green, old pink and lawn green, green and electric blue... Rainbow is the limit .

The new color combos you can't miss in 2021 :the ultra desirable pink and red as well as the very daring faux-sober (when well mastered) black and brown.

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