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How to optimize your makeup storage

Are you tired of the mess in your makeup bag, on your dressing table or in your drawers? Do you dream of an organization worthy of professional makeup artists? Whether you are a "make-up addict" or whether it is for a practical or simply decorative aspect, it is important to organize the storage of your makeup .

Just as we like to see our closet well organized in order to be able to create our looks as quickly as possible, we also like to have daily use products on hand when we begins our make-up.

Following a few very simple tips, it becomes very easy to store your makeup in no time. Today there are hundreds of decoration ideas with existing boxes or Do It Yourself tips very easy to make.

Here are all our makeup storage ideas and tips organized, design and practical to have at hand!

Sort through your make-up products

Step 1:Clean up your products!

Most women will agree, the bathroom drawers are full of beauty products, makeup and multiple accessories.

From year to year, we sometimes accumulate products that we use very rarely. Make-up brushes, palettes and mascaras mix together in our toilet bags, which find themselves far too full. A mascara here, a lipstick there? Impossible to see clearly on her beauty paraphernalia. Result:whether in the make-up bag or in the drawers, it's a mess!

This is whybefore starting to organize your storage, you should sort .

The first step in your storage will therefore be to take out all of your products and get rid of any damaged, used, expired or unused products.

Take everything out and clear out your shelves, drawers and pencil cases. This is also an opportunity to dust on the shelves which is often inaccessible given the number of brushes and other make-up products that invade the space in bulk. Take a large garbage bag and don't hesitate for a second, you will see it much more clearly afterwards!

Step 2:classify your makeup by product type

Now you will have to classify your products by category to see more clearly.

This way you will quickly see what you need and you will have the possibility to find out which products you have duplicates. For example, if you find two identical lipstick shades, why not keep one accessible in your bathroom and another in your purse?

To be able to optimize your storage , put yourself on a work surface or a large table and separate your different products by category:

  • Accessories:sponges, brushes, etc.
  • Eye makeup:eyeshadow, palettes, mascara, eyeliner, pencils
  • Lip makeup:lipstick, brushes
  • Makeup for the complexion:foundation, primer, blush
  • Hand care:nails, creams etc

Some products do not require daily use and therefore you can consider that in your drawer or on your shelf, the most useful products for your day make-up . For example, evening make-up can be placed in a different jar than daytime or at least put in the background.

Easily organize your makeup storage

How to store your makeup brushes?

The best option to store your makeup brushes is to put them in pretty pots with the heads facing up.

A few tips for choosing your pots:

  • Choose trendy materials:marble, copper, silver, glass
  • Opt for pots in soft colors:pastel, pink, gold, silver tones
  • Your different pots can all be the same color but it is also visually very pretty to combine gold with pastel for example
  • Organize your pots by brush styles, sizes or brands
  • Think about recycling for a chic decoration:use trendy candles that you will have carefully cleaned beforehand
  • Half fill your jars with pearly white pearls for a better hold of your brushes

How to store your lipsticks?

If you have a lot of different shades of lipstick, then a good option is to invest in a lipstick organizer. For just a few euros, you will find an organizer that will allow you to store around 25 lipsticks the way the professionals do.

There are also DIY ideas for your lipstick storage. You will find dozens of easy-to-implement ideas on the internet to compartmentalize your lipsticks with simple cardboard sheets, for example.

What type of containers to store your makeup?

You will find a multitude of existing containers on the market to organize your makeup. Two possibilities according to your tastes:

  • Either you want something simple:in this case, choose a makeup storage box which will allow you to store all your cosmetics in one place
  • Either you prefer to multiply the boxes and if the space allows it, you can mix pots, glass boxes and various storage

Whether you opt for one or the other of these two options, bet once again on the transparency of the container to quickly find your products and favor your everyday cosmetics in the first place.

If you like having different boxes and are looking for a pretty and trendy decoration idea, here are our tips:

  • Bet on transparency for your containers
  • Choose golden brass boxes , they are very elegant
  • Choose transparent boxes
  • Better several boxes of different shapes than one box or it will be the battlefield, think about what is best depending on your available space and the number of your products

To find inspiration for your storage, Pinterest is full of fantastic ideas and it's an opportunity to discover beautiful, original and trendy tips. Also think about DIY to store your various makeup products .

What type of furniture to store my makeup?

As a real make-up addict, some of you may want to invest in a specific piece of furniture to store your equipment. If you have the desire and the space, then there are two possibilities:

  • Create a specific corner for make-up sessions and install a pretty dressing table where your most beautiful storage boxes will take pride of place
  • Invest in a professional makeup cabinet (the type of furniture used by professional makeup artists)

How to organize your drawers in your furniture?

The best way to organize your drawers is not to leave products lying loose next to each other. This would be the best way to get the mess in just a few days. For a clean and crisp rendering:

  • Choose transparent or wooden storage
  • Choose storage that will allow you to compartmentalize your products

You now have all the cards in hand to create a universe organized around your makeup. It's up to you to make people envious with your optimized storage and your pretty decoration!