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How to do simple Halloween makeup?

Halloween is coming soon. Why don't we take this opportunity to get a nice simple Halloween make-up to achieve?

Because yes, stay pretty by adopting the zombie theme, it's possible! Tomake up for the Halloween party , no need to turn into a witch or a zombie, there are many makeup tutorials with a girly spirit classy.

Brushes, nail polish and makeup bag in hand, we give you our tips for creating simple Halloween makeup .

What to make Halloween makeup with?

Contrary to popular belief, you can make Halloween makeup with basic products. You don't necessarily need to invest in lots of new products.

Here are some ideas to make Halloween makeup easily :

  • The Halloween theme being dark and mysterious, you will necessarily need a palette with black and white eyeshadows.
  • For undead eyes, use your eye makeup (eyeliner, smoky-eyes, black pencil etc).
  • For a fake blood effect, wear red lipstick.
  • For XXL eyelashes, opt for false eyelashes.

You will understand, of course, you will have to emphasize your usual evening makeup to give it a more dark effect than usual.

You can even follow current makeup trends and take inspiration from them to give it a spooky edge.

How to do Halloween makeup that is not scary?

Well, vampires, witches and ghosts are nice, but not everyone wants to do too much makeup for Halloween.

You want to score while keeping your girly side elegant and classy? Don't worry, Halloween makeup can be done discreetly and accessorize a chic outfit or a costume.

Cat makeup

Cat makeup works every time and is very easy to do. Not only does he have a little sexy side, but his look is rather distinguished. A perfect Halloween make-up to go to a fancy party .

Don't forget to wear one or two accessories to enhance your Halloween makeup (headband, tiger scarf, etc.).

Esoteric makeup

To get into the Halloween theme while remaining feminine, you can simply opt for an esoteric make-up.

You will be halfway between an evil goddess and a pure-hearted witch.

Be aware that there are small self-adhesive patches to embellish your Halloween makeup . Inexpensive accessories that will give character to a basic make-up that is very easy to achieve.


Colorful Halloween makeup

For a feminine Halloween makeup and glamorous, no need to have black eyes and scars on your face.

A simple pumpkin-themed make-up will get you in the mood immediately.

Zombie makeup soft version

This is a simple and easy to make version that does not require painting your entire face. A smoky, smoky effect on the eye and eyelid contour.

Black pencil and lipstick to make scars and you're a real undead. Simple and effective!