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How to apply makeup without brushes?

How to apply makeup without brushes? If you are not very comfortable with make-up tools of all kinds that proliferate, no need for makeup brushes for expert rendering. If I tell you that your ten fingers are more effective than a brush, do you believe it?

If you too have difficulty mastering the art of the brush, we have found several tips. For a perfect make-up, there are alternatives such as a sponge, a cotton swab or even your little fingers. A brief overview of the different techniques.

Sponges as an alternative

Small, soft and delicate sponges have made their way into our makeup bag, including the most famous, the Beauty Blender. They can be used to apply foundation or eyeshadow. Thanks to them, you can apply any type of foundation, even if foam foundations are even more suitable.

We put some in a reasonable way and we tap for a very uniform rendering with little product. We respect the same principle for eyeshadow:solid colors or trendy gradients.

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The cotton swab in case of dispute

You can also opt for another option:the cotton swab. The cotton balls, which are on both sides, are practical for making more precise shapes on the eyes or on the lips. No more makeup mess and long live the savings. Cotton swabs are also real saviors for erasing small uncontrolled skids when drawing. Simply impregnate the end of make-up remover to erase overflows.

Fingers will do

Ideal for girls in a hurry, there is one last method to apply makeup without a brush:fingers. With the exception of powder, to apply the different textures, the fingers are great allies. To apply the foundation, massage gently, manipulate the eye shadow just as simply, and tap the lipstick with your fingertips for more clarity.

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If we search well in our cupboards, there is no longer any need to throw ourselves on luxury brushes. For a weekend or for the holidays, we can therefore be satisfied with the minimum, out of the gigantic make-up bags.

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