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A bridal makeup adapted to my dress?

A bridal makeup adapted to my dress? Like the wedding dress, shoes and hairstyle, makeup is of utmost importance wedding day. Whether they do it alone or go to the beautician, all brides share the same fear, that of feeling disguised for the most beautiful day of their life. A few tips for a successful bridal make-up and matching it to the color of your dress.


A bridal makeup is successful when it is comfortable and looks like you. It is essential that you are the most beautiful and that you ensure in the wedding photos. The rule of thumb is to go for nude makeup, no matter what color your dress is. Nude is the art of looking sublime and natural while wearing makeup.

We avoid garish colors that will not give the desired effect! We avoid a dark complexion that is too artificial. We do not force the foundation or the sun powder by giving yourself a carrot orange effect, but we favor a neat and natural complexion with a light foundation of the color of your skin, a sun powder applied correctly and a touch of blush. Even if your wedding dress is white and you're tempted to put some color on your eyes, forget that urge!

Choose soft, light colors, such as gray rather than black, gray parma rather than purple, and pinkish brown rather than plum! If you want to put red lipstick, it's possible provided you make up your eyes with beige! Remember shopping queen Christina Cordula's famous adage:"Eyes or mouth, darling." The last advice is to absolutely avoid glitter... It's not chic, you risk shining all day and you will make the photographer's task very difficult. If you really like glitter, save it for a night out!

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The make-up of the bride must always be in harmony with the wedding dress. For this, it is essential to follow some rules so that the dress and the makeup are granted. If you opt for the traditional white wedding dress, you must bet on bright makeup with a healthy glow effect. It is advisable to use soft colors such as rosé, orange, champagne or peach.

For brides with an ivory dress, choose the same colors! You can also afford a light plum, cherry and golden. For more rock'n'roll brides-to-be who choose a pink or red dress, go easy on makeup and absolutely favor soft and natural colors such as beige, sand, ivory, light pink. Salmon wedding dresses have the advantage of looking good. You can achieve a nice gradient in pink or orange tones. Otherwise, neutral is always a safe bet, based on beige, champagne, brown, khaki or gray.