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Natural make-up

Makeup is a small word for a big concept! Between complexion products, foundation, powders, creams, eye contours, correctors, blush... and the countless products for the eyes, the mouth, not to mention the accessories... Sometimes you don't know where to give head. Even more when you switch to natural and organic makeup.

Until a few years ago, this type of makeup caused mistrust:not effective, impractical and way too expensive.

Runny mascara, flabby eyeshadow, fluffy foundation… The reasons not to buy natural makeup were legion.

But since then, not only has it become more popular, but brands have stood out to offer quality products that make us fantasize both in their appearance and their composition!

Natural and organic make-up is above all, of course, "clean" compositions.

The formulation meets the standards of organic labels. Exit controversial ingredients and petrochemical derivatives, hello vegetable oils, vegetable butters, mineral dyes...

Make-up becomes more than a beauty product, a real care product, rich in active ingredients, often with protective and moisturizing properties.

Couleur Caramel, for example, combines make-up and skincare, producing products rich in plant and natural active ingredients, whether in products for the complexion, the eyes and/or the lips.

We love the new "Black Intense Revolution" mascara offered by Belle Au Naturel in the September box:argan oil, vegetable glycerin, Damask Rose Water and shea butter in particular make up this mascara labeled Vegan Friendly.>

Our complexion is delighted with Terracotta Rose des Sables by Studio 78, composed of mineral dyes, vegetable oils and chamomile flower extract.

As for our pretty lips, why deprive yourself when you see the composition of BOHO lipstick? Castor oil, mineral colorants, apricot oil and vegetable wax make up the formula of this product, among other things.

No more risk of ingesting poison through our makeup!

Even the varnish is beginning to fade, which we would not have thought possible a few years back. We find, for example, BOHO varnishes, which have said goodbye to toluene, formaldehyde, dibutylphthalate, formaldehyde resin, paraben, xylene, camphor, styrene and benzophenone -1 who fill the little "nail paint" bottles in the shops.

Organic makeup is an insurance to have healthy products, but also care.

You can vary the pleasures, have fun with colors, go nude to bright makeup, from gloss to matte, without endangering your health.

We choose our makeup the same way we always have:according to our complexion, the color of our eyes and our desires.

After all, we do what we want, don't we?

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