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Runway make-up:discover artistic make-up

Runway make-up:discover artistic make-up Artistic makeup is the signature of fashion shows. Graphic, sensual, dark or nude... parade make-up is done like professional make-up! Catwalk make-up sets the make-up trends and catwalk make-up is transformed into everyday make-up thanks to the ingenuity of make-up artists.

The artistic make-up used during fashion shows is at the origin of all the makeup trends that we use in everyday life! A professional make-up whose realization requires a lot of work for make-up artists during the show make-up . It features a complexion make-up , eye make-up and lip make-up. The runway make-up , very sophisticated, must highlight the clothes of the models but also their hairstyle , thanks to an agreement of color, theme... And this catwalk make-up created by amake up artist subsequently became a source of inspiration for daytime make-up and evening make-up !

Runway make-up:discover artistic make-up The best makeup from the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week looks back on the most beautiful makeup from Paris Fashion Week.