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10 things for perfect fall make-up

Summer is over, we are now in the heart of autumn. In terms of makeup, women usually make adjustments when the seasons change. Here are ten tips to adopt to be fashionable at this time of year.

1 – Use matte products

In this year and period when wearing a mask is mandatory, brands are emphasizing the marketing of matte color foundations. Best suited for oily skin, these come in a powdery, non-transferring finish, offering long-lasting resistance. The same is true for concealer, for example. In summer, the situation is different. Warmer colors are favored by women due to tan. Nothing prevents you from finishing your beauty treatment with a few touches of highlighter, but with much more discretion than in summer. This season we're going for velvety skin and a matte finish.

2 – Select your Blush well

Coming in the form of cream or powder, the blush allows makeup of the cheekbones in a light or sophisticated way. It's your choice, according to your desires. Cool tones like doll pink and lilac are the hot colors right now, but the trend for nude makeup persists. Variations also exist to offer you a complexion that meets your desires.

3 – Adopt natural products

Makeup can transform a woman's face. Overloading chemicals can damage the skin in the long run. Taking care of your physical appearance is important to make a good impression in society, but not at any price. The main thing for an individual is to feel good about their body. There is an increase in organic and minimally processed products.

4 – Apply a specific palette for the eyes

The eyes are an important part of the face. However, a sober and soft make-up is recommended for the make-up to be successful around the eyes. A palette with ten choices offers you the possibility of mixing colors. Please make combinations that match the weather and your personality. Again, cool colors such as blue, green and purple are favored in autumn over warm summer colors, but it mostly depends on your colorimetry.

5 – Vary lipsticks

To display elegant lips and have a nice aesthetic result, the choice of lipstick(s) is important. In the hollow of the lip as well as on the outside, you can actually use a different stick to refine your style. It is advisable to choose a quality product, that is to say comfortable and with a long hold, preferably without transfer so as not to scatter it on your protective mask against covid. To increase the luminosity of your lips while taking care of them, you can also get a moisturizing and tinted balm. It is a perfect solution to combine business with pleasure. As for the colors, plum and burgundy are very trendy colors this season.

6 – A pencil to cool the lipstick

In addition, depending on their tone, redrawing the outline of your lips with an old school pencil can be very useful to make the color that emerges less intense. You can easily find one on the internet, in shopping centers or specialized shops.

7 – Diversify your style

Adopting the same style every day can get boring after a while. Without going from one extreme to another, you can regularly make some adjustments. There is not just one rule or standard to follow. For example, you can vary the style you will give to your eyebrows. This part of the face can transform your look with your interlocutors and the people you meet.

8 – Drawing inspiration from models

Like many young women constantly seeking to be fashionable and fashionable, you can follow the advice of influencers. These abound on social networks, and some are sponsored by brands whose products they praise. They offer beauty advice to their audience of thousands of followers. However, they are not for you. In addition, trends change regularly. Each has a different personality and style. Their speeches are therefore not necessarily suitable for you. You also have the opportunity to take inspiration from models and other top models featured in magazines.

9 – Match makeup to your outfit

The way you dress should match your makeup on your face. People will judge your overall look. Some combinations don't go together. Makeup greatly contributes to displaying a sparkling look, as well as to hiding small imperfections that are difficult to see with the naked eye. On the other hand, it will not alone determine your general appearance. You need to think about this.

10 – Don't forget makeup removal

The last piece of advice in this article is to take the time to remove your makeup. And this, preferably with healthy products such as cotton and quality make-up remover. Above all, do not rush this step. Keeping makeup on your skin is not good for your health. This can cause damage to your skin, side effects. Take care of your face and more generally of your body, it will thank you later.