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Fall for Zao makeup

Zao is an organic make-up and natural cosmetics brand that takes care of you and your skin. 100% natural, vegan and certified organic, the brand's makeup is effective and meets all needs, without denying respect for health and the environment. The brand has also chosen to pack its products in refillable packaging. Focus on the brand, for ecological and natural cosmetics.

Fall for Zao makeup

Zao, a green make-up brand

It is a brand of green cosmetics of French origin who wishes to bring to all women the benefits of Mother Nature. The range of products offered is vast:100% organic and vegan cosmetics for the lips, eyes and complexion. Without forgetting nail polish and accessories such as brushes, to use beauty products made without chemicals or toxic products. Women can thus choose make-up that combines both effectiveness and respect for their skin and their health. It is not for nothing that Zao is a brand highly acclaimed by women today, who appreciate both the quality of the cosmetics offered and the variety of the ranges.

The origins of the brand

It is a French brand created in 2012 and belonging to the company Cosm'Etika France. The brand was born under the impetus of three friends, David Reccole, Philippe Donnat and Yvan Rouvier. Passionate about Asian countries, David Reccole draws inspiration from his discoveries to create bamboo makeup packaging . The three co-founders of the brand, lovers of nature and travel, are well aware of the impact of consumption on the environment. In keeping with their values, they decided to develop an organic make-up brand.

This is how the brand was born and decided to offer a wide range of 100% natural and organic make-up , certified Ecocert, Cosmebio, Cruelty Free and Slow Cosmetic. The make-up products have therefore never been tested on animals and the brand reaffirms its desire to offer all women products without harmful agents. Housed in beautiful bamboo cases, the brand's cosmetics offer qualitative pigmentation. Foundations, lipsticks, face powders, mascaras, vegan brushes and accessories, nail polish... Today, women no longer have to choose between quality and respect for the environment.

In a dynamic of sustainable economy, biodiversity and organic farming, Zao reinvents cosmetics while not forgetting the importance of color, comfort and hold. Makeup adapts to the lifestyle of women, not the other way around.

Brand values

The brand affirms its values ​​and has not lost sight of them since its creation in 2012. The formulas imagined by this company are sensory and efficient , while respecting women's health and nature as a whole.

The team creates tailor-made high-end make-up products, with a lot of passion and always with ethics. To do this, it relies on sustainable development and its mode of operation. Zao is committed to ecology and respect for the animal world .

Since 2014, the brand has mentioned its attachment to "Slow Cosmetics", as well as to the irreproachable quality of its raw materials. The brand is also always looking for new organic and natural ingredients to continue to uphold its commitment and always offer high quality products. This is the case of micronized silver powder which respects the skin and preserves the cosmetic while providing significant antiseptic benefits. Almost all of the brand's products contain it, although this product is very expensive.

Finally, Zao offers refillable bamboo packaging , which is environmentally friendly and economical. This is also fun since you can alternate the colors thanks to several different refills. Enough to give free rein to your desires while producing less waste.

Zao organic makeup

Fall for Zao makeup

Zao makeup formulas are 100% natural, which means that all ingredients are natural, without preservatives or petrochemical derivatives. So women can use the products with peace of mind knowing that their makeup is healthy for their skin. Raw materials are obtained by simply transforming a mineral or plant such as mineral pigments, oils or plant extracts. The brand offers a wide range of products and cosmetics of natural origin:concealer for the complexion, make-up for the eyebrows, lipstick, eye shadow, gloss, mascara, nail polish, foundation, eye shadow or even pencil to draw doe eyes. All natural cosmetics are certified vegan and from organic farming. For the greatest pleasure of women who like to pamper themselves and look beautiful while respecting their environment.

Eye makeup

Applying eye makeup requires surrounding yourself with a few key products. Like an eye pencil, an eyeliner, a curling, sheathing or giving more volume mascara. Without forgetting the famous eye primer to apply before eye shadow. The latter prepares your eyelid to receive makeup and is also 100% organic and vegan. Its cream texture makes it very easy to apply and evens out the eyelid while illuminating it. In this way you can play with the gradients of eye shadows and you enjoy a perfect outfit all day long. To redraw your eyebrows, an eyebrow powder will bring the final touch to your makeup.

The complexion

Making up your complexion is often the first step in makeup. It is then a question of opting for the right products, those that will illuminate the complexion without drying it out or clogging the pores. It is important to let the skin breathe while sublimating it. To do this, natural cosmetics are your allies. A primer, a corrector, a nude foundation adapted to your skin tone or even a mineral powder, a blush and an illuminator… So many possibilities offered by the Zao brand to make you enjoy all the benefits of nature. in made-to-measure and always refillable make-up to vary the pleasures.


Taking care of your nails makes you feel beautiful from head to toe. Before applying your nail polish of natural origin, remember to apply a base coat which prepares the application of the layers of varnish. Applying a hardener also helps strengthen the nail and keep it in perfect health. Do you want to remove your old nail polish to apply a new one in a different shade? The brand offers you solvent water, containing only natural ingredients with very good solvent properties. Exit acetone and ethyl acetate, which greatly dry out the nails and skin, in addition to being irritating and highly flammable. Certified organic and environmentally friendly, the brand's nail polish remover is gentle on your nails. And to perfect this gentle nail routine, do not hesitate to apply nail and cuticle care oil.


The beauty routine necessarily includes lip care. Whether we like them fleshy, glossy, more discreet or even very hydrated, we all appreciate having a beautiful smile. Zao make-up offers you many possibilities with as many specific make-up to embellish your lips with the stroke of a brush or stick. A lipstick in a refillable packaging to change colors in the blink of an eye, a pencil to redraw the lips, gloss to give volume, without forgetting a lip scrub, a care oil or quite simply a balm for lips.

And you, what are your favorite make-up products from the brand?