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How to keep beautiful and firm skin after 40?

If the effects of time are more numerous after 40 years, there are gestures and beauty habits that make it possible to limit the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of the skin in women. A few simple gestures are to be adopted daily and the use of cream and firming care must be intelligent and favor effective and natural products. How to keep a beautiful and firm skin after 40 years and which products to favor? We explain everything to you.

Adopt the right gestures

Have a good diet

To keep beautiful, firm skin, it is important to adopt daily actions that limit sagging skin. Having a good diet is essential. Specifically, eating protein (fish, meat, egg, or fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, B5, C and E) helps skin regeneration and preserves the firmness of facial tissues.

Avoid exposure of the skin to the sun

Second habit to adopt:limit skin exposure to the sun . Even if we love spending time sunbathing or basking in the sun, always avoid exposing yourself without SPF 50 sunscreen. The sun accelerates the aging of the skin and destroys the collagen contained in the tissues.

Taking care of your skin

Third beauty gesture to keep skin firm and toned:carry out massages (or self-massages), use smoothing face creams, nourishing and moisturizing products, etc. Massages, for example, are very good for the skin since they tone the micro-circulation and firm the muscles of the body or face. Women who take care of their skin daily tend to have firmer, younger-looking skin.

Use firming products

Firming cream

Using firming products is a very good way to keep the skin firm for as long as possible. Firming cream is a product that women over 40 cannot do without to limit sagging skin. A good firming cream should boost collagen to the maximum. It is important to favor creams with natural active ingredients of plant origin , which contain rice peptides or collagen-boosting sugars, for example. Thus, the features of the face keep a harmony and are lifted. We love the scents of flowers and the fluffy and soft textures.

Firming the eye area

There are specific care formulas to firm the eye contour. The eyes are often one of the most sensitive parts of the face to aging and sagging skin. If you want to specifically target this part of the face, to prevent and correct wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin around the eyes, always prefer compounds of natural origin. These treatments stimulate and redensify the eye contours, for firmer and smoother skin , and a dynamic look, always on top. Choose a product that contains at least 70% ingredients of natural origin.

Use a serum

You can also choose a serum to redensify your skin . Serums have the particularity of tightening and smoothing the skin, without feeling tightness. We favor products that offer multiple corrections:firming, redensifying, lifting and remodeling, for example. Natural ingredients are the most suitable to preserve the elasticity of tissues and to have a fresh and fluid texture.

Prefer natural toning components

Do not neglect the importance of components and active ingredients of natural origin, and therefore of brands that offer transparent cosmetics. Ingredients whose molecules come from plants boost the natural powers of the skin gently and naturally. We present to you 4 natural components which are particularly effective in firming the skin.

Rice peptides

Rice peptides are small proteins that have active and nourishing properties on the skin . They tend to thicken the skin (making it firmer) and increase the quality of the epidermis. Products that use rice peptides are generally more effective in smoothing and reshaping the face.

Collagen-boosting sugars

Collagen is the first component of our skin. It is responsible for firmness and makes the fibers elastic:this allows you to smile, move and modify your facial expressions, without losing flexibility or elasticity. But over time, collagen tends to decrease, which causes sagging skin. Certain sugars boost the collagen naturally present in our skin :walnut extracts, for example, such as oligosaccharides effectively reactivate the collagen of the face.

Dill extract

To keep the skin firm, some products contain dill extracts. This ingredient has the particularity of stimulating the structuring mechanisms of active elastin. A good point when you want to avoid sagging facial contours .

Soy glycoproteins

Finally, soy glycoproteins are sometimes found in serums or firming creams. They are extracted from the husk of soybeans and are particularly rich in natural biological mechanisms that plump up the skin . Specifically, these ingredients activate the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, known to give bounce and consistency to skin tissue.

To keep skin firm and toned after 40 , it is important to adopt daily beauty gestures and invest in effective products of natural origin. Sagging skin is then limited and pushed back, while skin tissues are stimulated, firmer and appear younger.