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How to prevent and relieve sunburn?

Beach bag in hand, sunglasses and hat on your head, the holidays were looking good, until this nasty sunburn weighed down the mood. Sunburns can range from superficial to very serious, depending on the severity of the burn. Redness, tingling, tightness, burning sensation:all unpleasant symptoms of sunburn. Here are our tips to avoid sunburn, and to soothe the skin when the sun has already done its work!

A sunburn, what is it exactly?

Between tanning and sunburn, the limit is thin. Indeed, tanning is actually a defense reaction of the skin , when attacked by the sun's rays. When the aggression is not too violent or too long, the skin tans. Beyond a certain stage, it ends up giving way and that's when a sunburn appears.

In question ? Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, and more particularly UVA and UVB rays. During long exposure, too intense, or without protection, UVB rays burn the skin . Luckily, only 10% of UVB rays reach the deeper layers of the skin, helping to “limit breakage” on the surface of the skin.

Nevertheless, UVA rays, whose effects are less visible, penetrate the deep layers of the skin and accelerate skin aging, while increasing the risk of skin cancer.

The combination of UVA and UVB rays causes sunburn . These can manifest as a first degree burn, a superficial second degree burn, or a deep second degree burn. We then go from a simple sunburn that goes away in a week, to a burn that takes more than a month to heal, leaving scars behind. This is why it is essential to protect yourself to avoid sunburn .

Tanning without getting sunburned, is it possible?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! It is quite possible to display a sublime tanned complexion without literally burning out in the sun. To tan without risking the painful sunburn, some good gestures are to be adopted. First before summer, to properly prepare your skin, then throughout the exposure period.

Prepare your skin well for the sun

One to two months before the summer season, it may be a good idea to start preparing your skin for the sun. This is the key to obtaining an even and long-lasting tan, but above all, to preventing the appearance of sunburn.

Before going on vacation, exfoliate your skin well twice a week, so that it is more likely to tan evenly. Exfoliated skin will also absorb treatments better , whether it’s your moisturizer or your sunscreen. Which brings us to the next point:hydration!

To prevent sunburn and premature skin aging, strengthen the hydrolipidic film with a moisturizer is essential . The skin barrier will be stronger, better equipped to fight against ultraviolet rays.

Finally, to prepare your skin for the sun, you can bet on a diet rich in beta-carotenes :mangoes, apricots, carrots, raspberries and strawberries will be your allies to provide antioxidants and essential fatty acids, which will prepare the skin well for exposure.

Good gestures to expose yourself with serenity

To expose yourself with complete peace of mind, a few good practices should be implemented. First of all, avoid the hottest hours to expose yourself, and never go out without the magic combo:hat, glasses, sunscreen . During the first exposures, apply sunscreen without moderation.

Prefer an index 50 if you have sensitive skin, otherwise, an index 30 minimum. After the first week of exposure, your skin “gets used to the sun”, so you can slowly migrate to a lower index, minimum 15.

Apply your sunscreen in generous layers , every two hours. Know that today, there are protective sunscreens that even help you tan better, so don't worry, your sunscreen won't prevent you from tanning!

If you have adopted a diet rich in beta-carotene, continue it during your vacation. If you have started a cure of herbal medicine to better tan, likewise, continue during exposure.

Finally, on each of your outings, take a bottle of water. It will be very useful for you to prevent dehydration, but also to protect your skin:if your skin is hydrated from the inside, it will resist ultraviolet rays better !

How to relieve a sunburn?

Too late, the sun has already struck and your sunburn is making you drool? There are solutions to quickly relieve a sunburn. For a first degree burn, clean the skin with cool water then apply a thick layer of healing cream . To soothe the pain, the easiest way is to cool the burned area, so you can put your cream in the fridge before applying it. For a second degree burn, clean either with disinfectant soap or antiseptic, so that the blisters do not become infected.

Regardless of the degree of the burn, hydrate the area well to soothe the skin and hydrate to prevent dehydration . Watch your temperature and do not hesitate to take an analgesic in case of headaches. When you go out, remember to cover the sunburn, you must not expose the burned skin again, and you must protect it from external aggressions .

Please note that in some cases it may be necessary to consult a doctor:

  • If the sunburn covers more than 10% of the body surface
  • If the sunburn affects particularly sensitive areas (genitals, hands, feet, etc.)
  • If there are signs of burn infection
  • If there is an increase in pain
  • In case of headaches, dizziness, vertigo, sensitivity to light.