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How to strengthen thin and fragile skin?

Are you 45 or older? If so, chances are thin skin is already playing tricks on you. Also called "dermatoporosis", it is one of the most common signs of skin aging. What is it due to? How to delay its appearance? And above all, how to strengthen thin and fragile skin and take care of it on a daily basis? All the answers to your questions are at Veld's.

How to recognize thin face skin?

Before you ask yourself how to strengthen thin skin , are you sure you are affected? Indeed, many women have doubts in front of their mirror. Do I still have thick enough skin? Not enough ? How to know ? This is a very legitimate question. Rest assured, there are some elements visible to the naked eye that are not deceiving .

  • When you lightly pinch and pull your skin between two fingers, the crease takes time to disappear.
  • Your complexion is pale, almost diaphanous.
  • Small veins and vessels are visible on the surface of your skin.
  • Your skin looks wrinkled and lacks elasticity.

Thin skin and aging:what links?

As you can imagine:thin skin and skin aging are intimately linked . It is often around the age of 50 or shortly after menopause that women complain of seeing their skin become thinner. Over the years, your skin's metabolism runs out of steam and its appearance deteriorates:this is completely normal!

However, make no mistake about it:various exogenous factors also come into play in this refinement process. They generate free radicals responsible for oxidative stress… and premature ageing. The onset of dermatoporosis can thus be attributed to aggravating circumstances, including:

  • tobacco use
  • sun exposure
  • pollution.

What explains the loss of skin density?

The cause of this progressive thinning is mostly on the dermis side, the layer of skin just below your epidermis. This is where the most important architect of your skin is secreted:collagen (a fibrous protein), but also hyaluronic acid (a molecule essential for the hydration of connective tissue).

These two constituents are essential for the preservation of the mechanical properties of your skin . They're there to absorb shock and, in the process, give your face a pushier look . However, over time, their synthesis decreases. This deficiency weakens the support structure of your skin, which gradually sags and loses its volume. And here is the thin skin who installs!

What are the consequences of thin skin?

The problem is that thin skin is fragile skin . Firstly because the viscoelasticity and resistance of the skin are no longer ensured by collagen and hyaluronic acid. It is therefore more exposed to mechanical attacks . But also because its upper layers receive less and less oxygen, electrolytes, water and nutrients. The skin is no longer properly irrigated and its hydrolipidic film deteriorates. In other words, it's like your skin is undernourished !

This combination of factors has a visible impact on the quality of your skin . Thus, thin and fragile skin systematically goes hand in hand with the following problems:

  • wrinkles are deeper
  • your face frequently shows lesions (bruises, for example)
  • your tissues need more time to heal
  • your skin is more sensitive to external stressors
  • the radiance of your complexion dulls.

Thin skin:what to do?

Thin facial skin is not always easy to live with. Of course, no cosmetic or miracle trick will be able to protect you against a loss of natural density. However, certain assets and good reflexes can help you limit damage.

Beware of the sun

UV rays have an unfortunate tendency to accelerate the damage of elastin and collagen fibers. In summer as in winter, be sure to stay reasonable during your outings under the sun to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

Your fine skin is already installed? Be careful, it is more vulnerable to sunburn! All the more reason to be generous with sunscreen .

Play the prevention card with antioxidants

If the prospect of fragile skin scares you, we advise you to stock up on antioxidants. And this as soon as possible! They are the ones that will help you neutralize the free radicals that cause wrinkles and premature aging.

In your diet as in your care, watch out for vitamin A as a priority and its derivatives, vitamin E but also vitamin C , known to stimulate collagen synthesis.

Replenish your hyaluronic acid reserves

If you are wondering how to strengthen thin skin , think hyaluronic acid! Since thin and fragile skin lacks it, you might as well give it a boost from the outside.

For immediate beauty, Pure Pulp Neo is what you need. In addition to bringing hyaluronic acid to your skin, it forms a tightening and plumping dermo-elastic film on its surface. Plumpy effect guaranteed!

Support the reconstitution of your hydrolipidic film

The barrier of fragile skin is damaged. It is therefore less equipped to defend itself against cold, wind and bacteria. It is therefore up to you to assist it in its natural protection functions.

To do this, choose covering creams (water-in-oil emulsions) enriched with emollients (oils, fatty alcohols) and/or in film-forming agents (like beeswax).

Pamper your eye area

Don't forget to take care of your eye area! This is the area of ​​your face where the skin is thinnest. In the event of progressive thinning, it also pays the price.

In order to delay the appearance of the famous crow’s feet and frown lines, apply Eye Magic morning and evening. Its firming action is ideal for countering the loss of skin tone.