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How to make up dry skin?

How to make up dry skin? To apply makeup to dry and sensitive skin without torturing it, here are some basic rules to adopt.

Making up dry skin is quite possible. Provided you prepare it well, and opt for suitable products that do not risk accentuating its drying out.

  • Exfoliation

It may seem inappropriate at first glance, but exfoliation remains an important beauty gesture for dry skin. Once a week maximum, the face scrub, made with a soft and supple grain, helps rid the epidermis of its dead skin and allows it to better absorb the active ingredients of the care it receives.

Moreover, this gesture also has the advantage of facilitating the step of making up the complexion, making the skin smoother and even.

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  • Hydration

A basic beauty gesture for all skin types, but vital for dry skin. Impossible to derogate from it:morning and evening without exception, it is essential to apply a rich moisturizing cream. And if that's not enough, we intensify the hydration with the help of a sleeping mask, which we apply at bedtime and leave on all night to replenish and plump the skin.

During the day, we don't hesitate to use a thermal water mist, to be sprayed a few centimeters from the face, to guarantee continuous hydration and freshness.

  • Makeup for the complexion
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Exit compact or powder foundations. Prefer tinted moisturizers such as BB creams, which will do the job skillfully. And if you want a more covering effect, opt for a fluid and protective foundation, combined with a moisturizing and/or anti-aging treatment, depending on your needs. To pimp up your complexion makeup and enhance your cheekbones, there's nothing like blush. Again, we prefer it in cream or gel to avoid the unsightly "package" effect. If, however, we only have powder blushes, we make sure to prepare our skin well with a good moisturizing base.

To finish and fix everything, use a moisturizing fixing mist and leave the traditional mattifying powders in the closet.

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  • Eye makeup

Before applying any product on the eyes, you must first think about applying a moisturizing eyelid base. This will allow the skin to receive shadows or pencils (preferably greasy and creamy), to intensify their colors and even to prolong their hold.