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#SuccessStory:NYX Professional Makeup, youth idol cosmetics

#SuccessStory:NYX Professional Makeup, youth idol cosmetics With its flashy colors, low prices and impeccable quality, NYX Professional Makeup has established itself as the one of the favorite makeup brands of the moment. Deciphering a success.

In less than five years, it has established itself as one of the favorite cosmetic brands of beauty addicts. NYX Professional Makeup is no rookie in the beauty industry, however.

The brand was indeed born in 1999 in Los Angeles. While young make-up artists are looking for colorful products at a reasonable price and with professional quality, NYX, which was until then distributed in beauty salons and professional trade shows, meets their expectations.

Intended primarily for professionals and lovers of very colorful eye shadows, the brand became known to the general public mainly by word of mouth. In the 2000s, with the explosion of social networks (YouTube...), the brand took off. Until its takeover in 2014 by the L'Oréal group, which smelled the potential of the nugget.

A professional brand at affordable prices

The real strong point of the brand is that it is a professional brand, at an affordable price – lipsticks and palettes for less than 10 euros in a mess!

Very complete, NYX offers more than 2000 make-up references. "All make-up enthusiasts find themselves in this professional, authentic, creative and sincere brand, which gives them the means to become a make-up artist", explains Elise Ducret, brand director.

"We work with make-up schools, and therefore future make-up artists, to support them in their future professions. This professional anchoring is at the heart of our strategy and it is our main challenge", she continues.

NYX, 100% digital fast-beauty

Ultra-connected, NYX is a 100% digital brand:"from brand content to communication, we don't buy media. We only communicate on social networks:Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat...".

Video of the day:

Since its launch in 1999, the brand has mainly focused on influencers, at the heart of its marketing strategy.

"Our marketing development was thought out from the start via social networks to allow us to have maximum responsiveness to trends:our product development teams constantly monitor Instagram", underlines Elise Ducret.

The most recent example of a product whose potential was spotted thanks to a strong trend on Instagram, that of "lip art", which led to the development of the "lip liner", a pencil that allows you to outline the lips.

It is also by listening to the needs of make-up artists that the product development department works.

From virtual to reality, from e-shop to IRL shops

Very active on social networks, the NYX community (500,000 followers on Instagram) is also loyal IRL ("In Real Life"). Because the demand for the "experience" in stores has grown steadily in recent years, the brand has finally decided to offer several "physical" boxes to its customers.

Also, with each store opening announcement, the "likes" and comments pile up on the networks, and the queue on D-Day is impressive. There are now 16 own stores spread throughout France, with a target of twenty stores by the end of 2017. And to further facilitate the transition to purchase, the brand is multiplying the distribution channels. You can of course do your NYX shopping online, but also take advantage of the "shop in the shop", at Monoprix, Printemps, Citadium and Galeries Lafayette.

With the acquisition by L'Oréal in 2014, the brand was able to develop more quickly, but the DNA of NYX Professional Makeup remains the same as in Los Angeles, insists Elise Ducret. "The universe, the experience, the products, everything is identical! This makes the brand "authentic". We operate like in Los Angeles, in start-up mode. We are a small agile, entrepreneurial team and above all passionate about our brand."

Enough to continue to attract more and more make-up enthusiasts, for whom novelty, responsiveness and quality of products at the "right" price take precedence well before any logo.

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