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Components to banish from your makeup bag

We have always been keen to exclude health-endangering components from our boxes. Instead, we prefer to focus on organic brands and cosmetics that are environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin. And when we take a look around, we see that there is still a long way to go before we can shake up consumption habits.

Under cover of marketing, a lot of brands are surfing on the organic wave while continuing to offer products recognized as endocrine disruptors. That's why we decided to make you a small list of components to absolutely avoid in order to give your natural beauty every chance to flourish.

This makeup that harms our skin and our health

You imagine applying a great day cream, it contains paraben. We are boasting about a repairing treatment for the hair, this one is stuffed with silicone which only fills the hair. You love the scent of your shower gel, but it smells completely artificial. The list is long in examples and as prevention is better than cure, we have compiled the list of ingredients to avoid like the plague:

  • If you love to wear a different color of nail polish every week, first check that they do not contain formaldehyde, because it is a known carcinogen.

  • As presented above, the family of parabens are found in a wide range of cosmetics. These are synthetic preservatives used for years, but very allergenic and with very strong suspicions of dangerousness for health. For the record, a former chemist who has since converted into the manufacture of organic cosmetics told us that she had red patches on her hands despite wearing gloves when she handled them, that's telling you! This is also why its dosage is very controlled.

  • Phenoxyethanol is a chemical preservative found in most skincare products. It is highly allergenic and can also cause fertility risks.

  • The mineral oils and waxes like paraffin, mainly make up lipsticks. They apparently do not present any danger, but do not provide nutritional benefits. It should also not be forgotten that they come from oil or shale. But where you have to be particularly careful is with azo dyes , synthetic pigments, but toxic to the body as well as BHT and BHA , antioxidants responsible for allergies and DNA modification. As you'd expect, they go straight to the mouth!

To help you make a choice in your cosmetics, the site NOTEO lists different products and gives them a rating taking into account health and the environment.