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You and your makeup

You and your makeup

Do you remember when you bought that beautiful blusher? It would be handy, because only then will you know when to throw it away.

Expiration date
Not everyone is aware of it, but make-up also has an expiration date.
Most packages have an icon of an open jar and a number followed by the letter m. The number stands for the period within which the product should be used and the m stands for month. So it is handy that you know when you have bought an item.

No disaster
No idea what the purchase date was? That's not a disaster either. If the use-by date has been exceeded, you can still use the make-up without
your health suffers. But you can count on it that the smell and creaminess will change and that the effect of the product will be less will be. It's up to you how important this is to you.

Wrong usage
Makeup can become irritating if you don't handle it the wrong way. Do you have a pimple? Do not immediately apply concealer here. The bacteria
can then get into the pot and bully you for a long time. You also have to be careful with an inflamed eye. When you have your mascara used when the ignition had already started, it is better to throw away the black stuff. Or you shouldn't mind that you'll probably be walking around with two festering eyes in no time…