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Beautiful in the sun

Beautiful in the sun

You want to look good even when the weather is nice. If you choose to put on make-up, make sure that it can withstand some sun rays.

UV filter
Make-up with a UV filter offers a solution in the summer. You not only apply a nice tan on your face, but you also ensure that you can sit in the sun without burning. Foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow; all are available with filter. Very wise if you plan to look up the sun.

Prevent stains
You not only want your make-up to offer sufficient protection, but also that you look more beautiful in it. To avoid a smeared and smeared face, it is important that you cleanse your face well before applying your makeup. If your skin is oily, the chance that, for example, your lipstick or foundation will run out is greater.

'Finishing touch'
It is better to leave liquid make-up in the closet when the sun is shining. The chance that it will melt is high and this does not look very nice. What is recommended is make-up that is waterproof. A little sweat will not ruin your beautiful creation. Looking for a finishing touch? Put some bronze powder on the shine and use some glitter powder. Your tan will then come out well and your skin will shine in the sunlight!