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How to have beautiful eyebrows?

Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski, or Emilia Clarke have proven it all too well:eyebrows can be a real weapon of seduction! Too often forgotten, the eyebrows sculpt and draw the look. They give it plumbness, for a sexy and powerful look. So how to have beautiful eyebrows? How to make your look sexy? How to make up your eyebrows so as not to make a faux pas? Veld's gives you its tips!

What if beautiful eyebrows were the key to a sexy look?

When, until the early 2000s, eyebrows had to be very thin so that they were almost forgotten, they have been making a comeback since 2015 . We sometimes forget it, but the eyebrows still have a role to play:they protect the eyes, in the same way as the eyelashes, from possible impurities, but also from the sun or water. You notice it when a glint or a drop of water hits your eye, you don't just close your eye:you frown.

If this is good news for the health of our eyes , the return of strong eyebrows offers us a new beauty card to play. And yes, today, the eyebrow is a beauty asset in its own right, just like pretty eyelashes, or beautiful luscious lips. Beautiful eyebrows, well sculpted to follow the anatomy of your face, harmonize your features. Above all, they intensify the look, give it more depth. Don't believe us? The "before-after eyebrows" are not lacking on the net and are simply edifying. Convinced? So here we go to have beautiful eyebrows and a smoldering look!

How to have beautiful eyebrows?

We pamper them!

Certain beauty trends can do damage, and many of us still have sparse eyebrows today, a glorious memory of the “thin eyebrows” era. The fashion is now for more natural, thicker eyebrows . You must therefore start by providing all the necessary care for your eyebrows so that they grow back.

Just like the rest of the face, the eyebrow must therefore be cleansed, cleaned every day, and hydrated. You can go lightly over the eyebrows when applying your Pure Pulp Neo moisturizer. This treatment will be ideal for repairing damaged skin following overly intensive waxing! If necessary, you can also bet on specific treatments to accelerate eyebrow growth . Castor oil treatments are, for example, a good natural option.

We sculpt them to enhance their natural shape

We said it, the over-plucked eyebrow is no longer relevant. So let your eyebrows grow back slowly. Once the "raw material" is sufficient, we will rework their shape . It is necessary to respect the implantation of the hairs, to have a natural look and to avoid the ears in all directions. A few pointers to help you :

Take a pencil, align it against the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. This gives you the ideal brow head position.

· Then place the pencil against the wing of the nose and tilt it to align it with the outer corner of the eye, this gives you the correct eyebrow length.

· Finally, place the pencil horizontally at the level of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, to check that the height of the highest points of the eyebrows is similar on each side.

Not sure about yourself? Go to a specialist to enhance your eyebrows

Eyebrow waxing, when not mastered, can quickly turn into a disaster. We therefore recommend that you limit your intervention to small touch-ups :eliminate regrowth in the middle of the arch, slightly adjust the head and the length of the eyebrow.

To really sculpt the shape, do not hesitate to go to an eyebrow specialist . They will be able to give you the best advice on the shape, but also suggest a dye to better harmonize the color with your complexion and your hair.

How to make up your eyebrows?

We prepare the ground

For a sexy look and eyebrows that are always perfect, make-up is your ally. But how to make up your eyebrows? Well first of all, you have to prepare the area to be made up. Once the skin is cleansed, apply an eye contour treatment to moisturize the entire eye contour and eyebrow line.

In particular, you can bet on an eye contour anti-puffiness and concealer . Indeed, highlighting the eyebrows can sometimes highlight dark circles, by playing with symmetry. Do not hesitate to apply our Eye Magic anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness every morning:it will reduce dark circles and puffiness, while erasing small imperfections linked to age. The sparkling and dynamic look is yours!

We redraw the eyebrow for a sexy and intense look

Once the skin is clean and hydrated, brush your eyebrows , with a small dedicated brush (you can find some in cosmetics stores). Then, several weapons are available to you:the pencil, the marker, or the eyebrow shadow .

The pencil and the marker are ideal if you need to affirm the line of the eyebrow, redraw it so that it is clearer. They are very useful if you have a little short eyebrow and you want to lengthen the line, for example. Blush, on the other hand, is a good choice if you have sparse eyebrows , with a few holes or sparse areas. With a small brush, fill in the holes by tapping gently.

We adjust the tint, and we fix everything!

The eyebrow make-up , beyond adjusting the shape, can also help you correct the hue. You can thus make it more intense, or more in tune with your hair, especially if it is colored. Be careful not to choose a pencil or an eyeshadow that is too dark, which would make your eyebrows too present and unnatural.

Finally, also think about the eyebrow mascara :there are colored ones that simply accentuate the color of the eyebrows, but also transparent ones, which play the role of fixer . You can apply these just after your pencil or eyeshadow. Your eyebrows then stay perfectly in place all day, you can say goodbye to spikes !