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Have beautiful skin:8 beauty resolutions

At the beginning of January, it's time for good resolutions! After the excesses of the holidays, it's time to clean up. This is also true for beauty:start off on the right foundations, adopt a new beauty routine or new gestures to enhance your skin! Here are Veld's 8 good beauty resolutions, to have beautiful skin in 2020!

Make a clean place every day to have beautiful skin

The first good resolution to take to have beautiful skin is to cleanse your face every day. In the morning, favor a gentle cleansing:micellar or floral water is enough to eliminate toxins and sebum produced during the night. In the evening, bet on a more thorough cleaning:it is necessary to remove makeup, perspiration, impurities accumulated throughout the day . Bet on thorough make-up removal before finalizing with a cleansing gel adapted to your skin type.

Use masks and scrubs sparingly

To have visible results and regain beautiful skin quickly, nothing like a mask or a scrub! Scrubs and exfoliants are perfect for chasing away impurities, eliminating excess sebum or particles of pollution anchored in the epidermis. For problem skin, regular exfoliation is the right technique to have beautiful skin, without pimples . In the same way, if you want to give your skin a boost, bet on a moisturizing mask or a purifying mask! You can use the masks and scrubs once or twice a week maximum, so as not to attack the skin. Also remember to use them as a duo:the scrub to open the pores, the mask for an in-depth targeted action.

Moisturize your skin every day, with the right products

Having beautiful skin starts with having healthy skin. The skin tissue is covered with a hydrolipidic film, made up of both water and lipids. It constitutes a barrier to protect your skin from external aggressions, but also to retain the water naturally present in the fabric. Thus, to have healthy skin, you have to balance the hydrolipidic film and strengthen it , using appropriate moisturizers!

If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing and nourishing treatment, which brings as much water as lipids to the skin. If you have oily skin, opt for a light moisturizer, which only brings water to the fabric. For mature skin, choose an anti-aging moisturizer to benefit from a double action!

Betting on serums to get beautiful skin quickly

Does your skin look sad after the excesses of the holidays? The best way to have beautiful skin quickly, with visible improvement in a few days:the serum! The serum is used between cleansing the skin and the day cream. It has a concentrated formula that provides quick results . It can increase the effect of your daily cream tenfold when the treatments come from the same range, or have complementary effects. To kick off the new year, why not incorporate an anti-aging serum into your beauty routine?

Enhance your look with an eye contour

The gaze area is the one we look at the most when talking to someone. A tired look, dark circles or marked puffiness can easily overshadow your pretty face! To have an immediate healthy glow and a sparkling look, adopt an eye contour treatment . To be applied morning and evening during your beauty ritual, the eye contour helps decongest dark circles and puffiness, while fighting against expression lines. To enhance your look, we have designed the Eye Magic eye contour range. In addition, the Eye Magic anti-wrinkle treatment was elected to the 2020 beauty victories!

Use targeted care for your imperfections

Each skin has its particularities, and its small defects. To stop complexing and display beautiful, radiant skin, use targeted action treatments:an anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, anti-redness treatment, against pigment spots or blackheads, for example. Targeted action treatments, used daily, can be very effective in overcoming beauty problems, whatever they may be.

Let your skin breathe

To avoid a dull complexion and the appearance of imperfections, the skin needs time out to oxygenate and regenerate. Under make-up, exposed to cold, heat, rubbing, it can quickly be damaged and lose its beauty. If perfect make-up removal and cleansing every evening are essential for the skin to breathe during the night, consider giving it some rest. Take advantage of the weekend or holiday to have a makeup-free day , limit makeup when your skin does not need it, choose non-comedogenic products that let the skin breathe.

What to eat to have beautiful skin?

In addition to skincare, the best way to have beautiful skin quickly is to take an interest in what's going on on your plate! Among the foods for beautiful skin, those based on beta-carotenes :apricot, squash, carrot, papaya, and leafy green vegetables. They protect the skin from premature aging by fighting against free radicals. Consuming green tea is also very good for your skin :green tea hydrates the skin, stimulates circulation and protects against UV rays thanks to the polyphenols it contains.

In addition, you can enhance your tea break with two squares of dark chocolate. The latter protects the skin from inflammation, thanks to its concentration of antioxidant molecules. Finally, integrating good sources of lipids into your diet can also be very useful:the monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil protect the skin from skin aging, for example, when the omega 3 fatty fish protect it from UV rays. .