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Folies Royales, the organic cosmetics brand that protects bees!

When was your brand created?

Our brand was created on December 9, 2014, just two years ago. It is a range launched by "A roof for bees", which has existed since 2007. Since 2010, a hive sponsorship system to save bees has been in place. 40 beekeepers in France, 500 companies and 10,000 individuals sponsor hives.

Could you tell me about the values ​​that your brand stands for?

Beekeeping is a struggling profession, with significant subsidies on some of the equipment. We provide some of the equipment to beekeepers. The honey is entirely organic in our cosmetics, as well as the hives. We are committed to ensuring that the quantity of honey collected does not exceed a certain threshold. We know that it is forbidden to feed them sugar and to deprive them of honey. Our ethical charter is developing. The ingredients are all organic:organic thyme honey, organic beeswax, organic royal jelly.

We want to preserve the wild bee in France. Many bees die, their number decreases each year due to certain factors such as pollution for example. We want to recreate colonies of bees to compensate for the lack. Part of the profits are reserved for this.

Finally, we want to recreate floral biodiversity. Bees lack flowers, so we sow flower fields for bees to forage and for the diversification of flower species.

What are your top products?

Our "Bee box" is doing very well right now. We combine cosmetic pleasure and commitment to the planet and nature. Organic cosmetics brands are not really like before:our packaging is in tune with the times.

Our day care containing organic honey, royal jelly and beeswax is also one of our bestsellers.

What organic certifications do you hold?

We have the ecocert and cosmebio labels.

What are your novelties for the year 2016 which is fast approaching?

Our recently released secret youth eye contour care will be a must-have for 2016. It contains a record level of royal jelly and has a regenerating effect. We are moving more towards anti-aging, specific expert skincare and ranges for the body.

Where are your products created?

Our products are 100% made in France . We favor the local economy. All the ingredients and packaging elements are made in France to be consistent with the protection of French bees. This guarantees the quality of our care:all providers are based in France.