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Zoeva, the make-up made in Germany that seduces beauty junkies

Zoeva, the make-up made in Germany that seduces beauty junkies Created in 2008 by Zoe Boikou, Zoeva offers a complete range of brushes and makeup products. In addition to a commitment to qualitative and "cruelty-free" cosmetics, the brand wants to support major women's causes. Focus.

Founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou, the German brand Zoeva took off by expanding its original range of make-up accessories, brushes and launching its own line of make-up. Adored on social networks, the products are now available exclusively on the Sephora e-shop.

A brand inspired by American XXL beauty departments

Literally, Zoeva comes from the contraction of "Zoe", which means "life" in Greek - and which is the first name of the founder - and "Eva", the first woman. This name evokes all the importance of women for the German brand.

When, at 18, Zoe Boikou travels to the United States as part of her work, she is captivated by the incredible counters dedicated to beauty on the shelves of American department stores. Already passionate about the world of cosmetics, these XXL beauty rays inspired her when she created her own brand and continue to guide her passion.

Cruelty-free make-up and...vegan brushes

In 2008, the young woman created Zoeva. Initially, the brand offers a basic range, consisting of 10 makeup brushes. The objective is to make professional equipment available to all women.

Today, the brand offers a complete range of accessories and an extensive collection of make-up products:eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter... Not to mention its color chart:a palette of 100 colors for a make-up routine suitable for everyone, with affordable prices ranging from 8 euros for an eyeliner to 125 euros for the complete luxury brush set. Enough to encourage compulsive buying by beauty junkies , these make-up fans who can spend several hundred euros per month depending on the new products of their favorite brands.

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Brushes that remain, according to Zoe Boikou, the strong point of the brand which wants to be 100% "cruelty-free" (does not test on animals). Application of foundation, blush, eyeliner or eye shadow... For each use, Zoeva offers a specific brush with a sleek design and quality bristles. Listening to her audience, surfing on emerging trends, she even has a range of brushes and lipsticks stamped "vegan".

Zoeva, a commitment to women's causes

Basically, Zoeva shows a real commitment to the cause of women. Displaying the clear objective of helping each woman to "reveal her individual beauty and boost her self-confidence", she also and above all supports them in their fights, against domestic violence or even against cancer.

On the occasion of Pink October, for example, it donates part of its profits to breast cancer research, and throughout the year, it supports women in their daily fight by partnering with charities.

Connected, the brand has an inspiring Instagram account -followed by more than 750,000 fans- and shares beauty tutorials on its YouTube channel, to further support women's makeup routines.

The 3 favorite Zoeva products of the editorial staff

The 104 Buffer brush: Synthetic bristle brush perfect for foundation or loose powder for a flawless finish. It is very suitable for sensitive skin. Price:16.90 euros.

The Rose Golden Luxury Set (Vol.1): a collection of luxury brushes in a beautiful box, including 8 brushes for her daily makeup routine. There are different bristles depending on the brushes, high quality synthetic Taklon bristles or natural bristles from specific farms (the animals are brushed or shaved) which allow the use of cream or powder-based products. Price:75 euros.

Cocoa Blend Palette: a palette with 10 shades of chocolate inspired by the flavors found in a candy box. Deliciously practical. Price:22 euros.