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Beauty blog:5 online girls not to be missed

Beauty blog:5 online girls not to be missed Recognized as beauty gurus by many fans, ubiquitous on social networks, beauty bloggers provide daily advice and tips on the web. Here are 5 of them, to follow without further delay.

Full-time bloggers for some, occasional for others, these "papeses" of beauty are followed by thousands or even millions of users. Blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram and Snapchat accounts, Facebook pages... Very often ubiquitous on social networks, they are at the head of real communities looking for tutorials, beauty advice and various tips to discover in the form of videos, articles or photos.

Lisa Eldridge, the "so" British creative director of Lancôme make-up

Beauty reference, Lisa Eldridge, this 44-year-old British make-up artist makes up the tops of the whole world - Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Karlie Kloss -, the essential personalities - Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett -, and devotes herself with passion to her secondary activity as a beauty blogger. Her fame and her talent earned her to collaborate with Chanel, or even with Lancôme, where she has held the position of makeup creative director since 2015.

Video of the day:

Why we love it: she selects and promotes with elegance and pedagogy her favorite products for all budgets. Her beauty tutorials are accessible to both beginners and more experienced makeup artists. It even suggests discovering the history of make-up, through a tab of the same name, specially dedicated to the main make-up trends over the centuries. In 2015, this beauty professional for many years published a book on this passion, Face Paint:The Story of Makeup (Practical Hatchet).

My daughter's blog, the Frenchy pioneer of the beauty blog

Her name is Hélène Legastelois. Always passionate about cosmetics, she created her beauty blog Mon blog de Fille in 2005. Almost 13 years after the publication of her first post, she is still faithful to the post:more than 172,000 subscribers on YouTube, 104,000 on Instagram and 23,000 on Facebook. A real reference in France.

Why we love it: his good dose of humor punctuates his videos published on his YouTube channel. Passionate about make-up, she offers tests and reviews of beauty products without waffling, talks about hair, face or body care, and even offers "beauty shopping" articles in which she presents the latest in cosmetics.

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Elsa Make Up, YouTube star

Elsa Make Up, whose real name is Elsa, says she is passionate about cosmetics. The young woman took her first steps on the Internet by opening her YouTube channel in October 2010, then created her eponymous blog in the process. Since then, Elsa has come a long way, as she is actively followed by more than 900,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she religiously posts videos every Wednesday and Saturday. Fans of cosmetic products can find presentation videos and reviews of hair products or make-up, without forgetting its precious advice and beauty tips. She also makes it a point of honor to produce "swatches" videos, which consist of trying the products on yourself live, in front of the camera.

Why we love it: for her hyper-detailed and sincere tutorials and product reviews, but also for her more personal videos in which she advocates self-acceptance.

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And why not Coline? The follower of cruelty-free skincare

Organic or makeup not tested on animals are Coline's hobbyhorse. The blogger started her blog in 2007, and has since built up a community of 322,000 followers on Instagram. Her videos "Finished products" are her main means of expression since she presents the cosmetic products she has used, and takes the opportunity to specify whether she liked them or not. All of this of course accompanied by very detailed explanations and sometimes salty opinions!

Why we love it: organic food, menstrual cup... In addition to the vegetable and more natural formulations that she seeks in the products that she applies to the body and face, the blogger advocates an eco-responsible lifestyle without ever falling into Stigma. Another way to see beauty.

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Blackbeautybag, the blog that highlights the beauty of black women

Blackbeautybag is Fatou N'diaye's beauty blog. The young consultant and auditor for cosmetics brands has been writing about black beauty for 12 years now. She had her first click in 1999 after a trip to New York during which she discovered a whole universe dedicated to black women. In 2007, she therefore decided to broadcast and share her vision of things, intimate but able to speak to a wide range of women. Today, Fatou N'diaye has nearly 128,000 followers on Instagram and 133,000 on Facebook.

Why we love it: Fatou N'diaye has the merit of highlighting her commitments through her posts, and tries in her own way to dismantle a certain number of stereotypes about women and black beauty.

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