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The 8 beauty mistakes not to make!

Every day, in front of our mirror, we are full of good intentions. Cleaning, care of all kinds, make-up... and yet, it sometimes happens that we make beauty mistakes without realizing it. Veld's offers you its top 8 beauty mistakes that we all make, in order to take better care of ourselves!

1. Clean your face in the shower

After a long day of work, you have only one idea in mind:a good hot shower to relax and blow! Hop, let's go in the shower, and while we're at it, why not wash your face at the same time? It's a small gain in time and energy, but be careful with the result:the hot water from the shower will dilate the pores and dry out the epidermis . Coming out of the shower, the pores are visible and the skin is dehydrated. And again, it's in the best case, if you used a facial cleanser!

Indeed, it is better to avoid using a shower gel to cleanse your face , because the pH of body soaps is much too basic for the skin of the face, which in the face of such aggression will secrete sebum all the time, causing an imbalance in the hydrolipidic film and the appearance of imperfections. Cleansing the face should be done with cool water, using a cleanser suitable for your skin type.

2. Skip makeup removal

At 4 a.m., when your bed calls you after a party that went into overtime, removing make-up can sometimes seem like an insurmountable step. And yet, during the day, we accumulate makeup, pollution, dust, and perspiration on our skin . Beneath all these layers, the skin quickly suffocates, and usually uses the night to breathe and regenerate.

When you don't remove make-up, the skin doesn't get oxygen, and it's a tragedy the next day:dull complexion, irritation, imperfections, marked wrinkles. For the beauty of your skin, fight against fatigue for 5 more minutes:an express cleaning and a hint of moisturizing cream and hop to bed!

3. Do not let your moisturizer act

If there is one mistake that we have all already made in the morning, it is this one:not letting your moisturizer act. In the race not to be late, you give yourself a maximum of 15 minutes to put on your makeup. Time flies and every minute counts. After a quick cleanse, you apply your moisturizer, and that's where it gets complicated:to fully benefit from the benefits of your cream, you have to give it a good 5 minutes for it to completely penetrate the skin tissue and comes to deeply hydrate the skin . By applying your foundation before, it risks forming a barrier and the cream will remain on the surface, disrupting the hold of the makeup. To save time, wash your face and apply your cream as soon as you get up. In the meantime, go have breakfast or take care of your hair before continuing with makeup!

4. Skip the eye area

During our morning and evening beauty routines, we quickly forget an essential:eye contour care. With skin 10 times thinner than on the rest of the face, the eye contour is one of the first areas exposed to expression lines. The skin wrinkles, becomes irritated, crow's feet appear . For some, skin aging is manifested by marked puffiness or dark circles, while others are more prone to slackening of the skin.

To prevent these signs and keep your look toned, eye contour care is your ally! In the morning, it wakes up the area and decongests, to display a radiant complexion. In the evening, it relieves the eye contour and restores hydration. To meet everyone's needs, our Eye Magic eye cream comes in three versions:anti-wrinkle, concealer and anti-puffiness, lifting. To each their own Eye Magic!

5. Choose an unsuitable anti-aging treatment

Choosing an anti-aging treatment is a real headache, faced with an infinite choice of products that are not always equal. To be sure not to make a mistake, many of us opt for a global anti-aging treatment. On a daily basis, the application of a global anti-aging treatment is a very good gesture, since it will preserve the youthfulness of the skin and prevent the appearance of signs of age. But, because yes, there is a but, it does not necessarily correspond to the specific issues you are facing.

In addition to the global anti-aging treatment, you must use a treatment that meets your needs :a lifting anti-wrinkle serum for those with marked wrinkles, a treatment for pigment spots for those who are prone to them, a plumping cream for those whose skin lacks tone, an eye contour and lip contour treatment for those prone to expression lines. It is by using treatments that really correspond to your needs that you will be able to see real improvements!

6. Skip sun care

We can never repeat it enough, ultraviolet rays, and especially UVA rays, are the first cause of skin aging . When you expose yourself to the sun, it is essential to protect your skin. If we like to think of applying sunscreen to the shoulders or the décolleté, we often forget the face!

Replacing your day cream with sunscreen is painful:it is not necessarily adapted to our skin, to our problems... and it does not always go well with makeup! To make your summer beauty look easier, we have designed the Flash Protect tinted treatment:a moisturizing tinted cream with sun protection. Thanks to Flash Protect you will have a radiant and luminous complexion, while being protected from the sun's rays.

7. Exfoliate the skin too much

After an exfoliation, the skin is soft, clear, fresh. We almost want her to be like this every day! And yet, the exfoliation of the skin must be done at large maximum twice a week . When the skin is exfoliated, toxins lodged in the epidermis are eliminated, as well as excess sebum. The pores are tightened, the skin is oxygenated, ready to receive care that it will absorb better.

Only, used too many times, the exfoliator will alter the protective film of the skin . In response, it will start to generate a lot more sebum to protect itself, which will make the complexion dull and the skin oily. As you will have understood, exfoliating your skin too much is counterproductive. To properly dose your exfoliation, limit the masks to once a week.

8. Neglecting your lifestyle

And yes, we weren't going to cut it:when we talk about beauty, we also have to talk about lifestyle. Our body forms a whole, and in this whole, the skin, the hair, like the nails reflect our state of health. Even with the most effective beauty routine in the world, if the lifestyle does not follow behind, the results will not be there .

If there are nutritional deficiencies, the hair and nails will be brittle and the complexion will be dull. If you eat too much fat, your hair and skin will tend to get greasy quickly, leading to imperfections.

To preserve your beauty, make sure you have a regular sleep cycle, hydrate yourself regularly, and limit foods that are too fatty, too sweet, too salty. Also try to vary your diet as much as possible to get a good supply of vitamins and minerals.