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Morning in a hurry:your express beauty routine in 10 minutes!

There are quiet mornings, with the outfit of the day already ready on the chair, breakfast just to be reheated, and a good half hour to pamper yourself in the bathroom. And then there are the others. These mornings when the chosen outfit is wrong, the shoes that go with it have gone to hide everywhere except in their place, and the 9 a.m. meeting is moved to 8:30 a.m.… and there is panic! To arrive on time with a flawless beauty look, here is Veld's express beauty routine.

A little cleansing for clear skin

In the morning, after a good night's sleep, a quick cleanse eliminates the toxins produced during the night and small excess sebum. This is also the time to wake up the skin, and remove stubborn mascara or lipstick residue from the day before.

To eliminate everything quickly, a make-up remover oil followed by a cleanser adapted to your skin type, and here is your clean skin, ready to receive care and make-up !

The anti-fatigue gesture

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are the element that gives a tired look to a face, even with a worked complexion. To avoid obsessing over concealer for 10 minutes without results, a quick and easy anti-fatigue gesture:the Eye Magic eye contour !

Our anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness eye contour decongests the eyes and restores their tone and dynamism. Its applicator brush gently massages the eye contour to tighten the skin and reduce puffiness. After applying Eye Magic, a small layer of concealer is more than enough for a fresh and rested look.

Hydrate your skin and even out your complexion

To hydrate your skin and regain a fresh and luminous complexion quickly, several alternatives are possible! For those whose skin lacks tone and tends to sag, the Pure Pulp Neo beauty repair treatment is ideal. It tightens the skin and hydrates it deeply, to restore its vigor . A thin layer of foundation is then enough for a radiant complexion until the evening.

For those who suffer from a dull complexion, the Pure Pulp Glow healthy glow treatment optimizes the reflection of light to smooth wrinkles, even out the complexion, mattify it, and bring light. Applied in massage with the fingertips, its shade merges and adapts to your skin tone, for a natural look. A veil of powder and your skin is hydrated, the complexion unified, no need to go through the foundation box !

Finally, for those who need a more covering and more tinted treatment, our DD cream Flash Protect is ideal! This treatment deeply hydrates the skin, hides imperfections, and perfectly matches your complexion thanks to a light skin formula and a matte skin formula. Your skin is hydrated and made up in one step. In addition, its anti-UV action protects the skin from the sun and premature skin aging.

Go to the essentials on makeup

You're in a hurry, so it's no need to get into too complex a makeover , which you will not be able to do properly. A zigzag line of eyeliner, a badly blurred smoky… the effect may not be there! We are going for a simple, natural look that will fit with any outfit.

Now that your complexion is ready, go for the simplest:opt for a cream eye shadow to apply with your finger on the entire mobile eyelid. These textures apply easily and offer unparalleled hold. For a light and natural make-up, choose a nude or golden-brown shade . Apply mascara, and we stop there for the look.

Then use a lip balm to moisturize the lips and have a nice texture. Apply over a lipstick in a natural shade, a pretty rosewood for example. A flash red or dark burgundy lipstick requires precise application with a brush, after contouring with a pencil. No time this morning, so apply an easier shade to work with, which looks more like your natural shade.

There you go, you are beautiful , and display a pretty, well-groomed face, without wasting time in the bathroom! If you find this beauty look too bland for your taste and you have an extra minute on your hands, apply a veil of blush on the cheekbones .

Taming your mane

Now that the complexion is fresh, the eyes and lips are highlighted, we will have to do something with this hair that goes in all directions. For those who wash their hair in the morning, leave the towel on it while you put on your makeup to dry it as much as possible. If you have short hair, then give it a quick blow of the hair dryer, to discipline it with the help of a round brush. For those with long hair, a braid or a quick bun will allow you to wear a pretty hairstyle without wasting time brushing .

If you don't wash your hair in the morning, a swipe of dry shampoo at the roots, a dab of moisturizing serum on the ends, and a brush swipe will be enough to tame your hair in two minutes.