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Top 5 makeup artists to follow on Instagram

Top 5 makeup artists to follow on Instagram Thanks to social networks, Instagram in mind, the make up artists who once worked behind the scenes are increasingly many to share their work, techniques and beauty favourites. Our top 5 makeup pros to follow for a healthy dose of inspiration.

Whether you are looking for make-up inspirations, simply want to admire beautiful looks or want to follow Fashion Week more closely, make-up artists are the people to follow absolutely on Instagram!

From makeovers created especially for major magazine photo shoots, to makeovers seen on the catwalk, to the glowing complexions of stars for red carpets and previews, Instagram is full of sublime shots to inspire.

Our top 5 connected make up artists.

Pat Mc Grath, the queen of fashion backstage

Procter &Gamble's creative-design director is super influential on Instagram. Innovative and daring, Pat McGrath prefers using her hands to do her models' makeup than makeup brushes. She dares, invents, creates. English of Jamaican origin, she broke through in the 90s when she joined the team of I-D magazine. Her CV includes names such as Prada, Armani, John Galliano... On Instagram, she shares behind-the-scenes and exclusive shots, often even before the girls have walked the catwalk.

His followers: 1.1 million

Why we love it: for exclusivity! By following her on Instagram, you are immediately transported backstage at the biggest fashion shows.

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Charlotte Tilbury, the VIP makeup artist

Star of the make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury now has her own brand of cosmetics. She frequents the biggest celebrities almost on a daily basis but tenderly keeps, in the description of her profile, the mention "mother of two children". We really like her shots with the stars, half-groupie, half-professional. At her side, we rub shoulders with the crème de la crème, we discover new makeup trends and its flagship products, while drawing inspiration from fashion shows and photo shoots.

His followers: 1.1 million

Why we love it: because it makes us dream and takes us behind the scenes of the biggest events in the fashionsphere.

Tom Bachik, the master of nail art

Tom Bachik is a make up artist of another kind. Him, it is the nails that he sublimates. Nail artist for L'Oréal Paris, her Instagram account is teeming with inspiration to dress her hands in haute couture nail polish. J-Lo, Rita Ora, Rachel Mc Adams, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani... All the hands of the most prominent people have passed through hers. And if his meticulous work could sometimes go unnoticed on the red carpet, Tom Bachik has created, thanks to his very extensive Instagram account, a real high-end portfolio.

His followers: 124.000

Why we love it: thanks to him, we finally know what color to dress our nails and we can draw inspiration from the looks of the biggest stars. And let's put it into perspective:they too have trouble putting on varnish on their own...

Lucia Pica, the warm and elegant

Lucia Pica is Creative Makeup and Color Designer at Chanel. Throughout her Instagram account, we can discover her inspirations, her advice, the looks she likes but also what influences her on a daily basis. Originally from Naples, Lucia Pica studied alongside make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, in London, before doing make-up for the models in the House of Holland fashion shows, then Louis Vuitton or Giorgio Armani. From now on, it is at Chanel that she develops her creativity and her dexterity as a make up artist.

His followers: 41.700

Why we love it: it is both very inspiring and seems perfectly accessible. We love his simplicity as much as his talent.

Tom Pécheux, the Frenchy who "sublimates" without dressing up

Tom Pécheux is the Frenchy of the band. Since 2009, the make-up artist, originally from Burgundy, has been the head of creative make-up at Estée Lauder. For him, makeup is a tool to sublimate, not to camouflage or transform. We love his shots taken behind the scenes of major fashion shows, in close-up. You feel like you are with him and you can soak up his inspirations and advice. He is very followed and very often, he is accompanied by the girl to follow at the moment.

His followers: 104.000

Why we love it: first, because we are a bit chauvinistic and then, because he is always in the most seen shows and surrounded by the coolest top models of the moment!