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How to highlight freckles?

How to highlight freckles? They sometimes ruin our life during childhood. However, over time, we end up loving our freckles, these little peculiarities that belong only to us. Alieenor, beauty youtuber, gives us her tips to sublimate them.

For some, freckles (or freckles) are perceived as a defect that they try at all costs to hide under layers of foundation. Wrongly.

These cute little marks, which appear naturally during childhood, are an asset to show off.

Alieenor, beauty youtuber, gives us her advice to sublimate them.

Keep a light hand on the foundation

Because hiding them is out of the question, we keep a light hand on the complexion.

We forget the very covering foundations with the plaster effect and we focus on transparency:tinted creams, BB creams, CC creams... The possibilities are multiple but the trick is to stay on liquid and translucent textures.

And if you have imperfections to camouflage, you apply make-up on an ad hoc basis, directly on the pimple or dark circles.

To fix everything, you can finish with a veil of translucent powder. And if your hand was a little too heavy on the foundation and you still want to find your constellation of freckles, you can remove the freckles, gently, with a cotton swab.

What colors to choose to highlight freckles?

According to Aliénor, a complexion sprinkled with freckles has rather golden undertones.

So opt for an apricot blush to give yourself a healthy glow or a little sun powder.

On the eyes, we opt for coppery and warm shades, which will perfectly sublimate the ephelides. In general, we prefer sun-drenched shades, brown and gold on the eyes and orange reds on the lips.

Often these colors go perfectly with summer trends and this goes hand in hand with freckles, which intensify with the first rays of the sun

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What about the hair?

To sublimate freckles, we dare a flamboyant red or we remain more sober and natural with a strawberry blonde, a dark blonde or a balayage with caramel highlights.

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