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5 clever gestures to succeed in your makeup in a minimum of time

5 clever gestures to succeed in your makeup in a minimum of time Applying makeup in the morning has never been easier! Our compilation of clever gestures and products for a successful express beauty treatment.

Whether it's for lack of time, motivation or skill, achieving beautiful makeup is not given to everyone.

However, all it takes is a few clever gestures and products to display a radiant complexion in just a few minutes. Here are 5 of them.

  • Make up your eyelashes for a doe look

Nothing better to open your eyes than beautifully curled eyelashes. To curl your lashes quickly and well, use a mascara that is a little thick but not too thick to avoid the “package” effect.

Obviously, with time or talent, or even both, you can also undertake to curl them beforehand with an eyelash curler, but a good mascara applied to the upper lashes (and very lightly to the lower ones) will do very well the deal!

  • Pink on the cheeks to brighten up your complexion

Nothing like a bit of blush to freshen up your face. To apply it, take care not to force the brush too much and draw a diagonal line just below the cheekbone, for a natural look.

  • Fill in your eyebrows for a sustained look

For a more marked look, redraw your eyebrows very slightly or in a more sustained way. You always proceed in spurts, without putting too much material on your brush:if the result is too sparse, you can always add more. For even more practicality, use an eyebrow pencil or a tinted mascara specially designed for this area.

Ideally, choose two shades for your eyebrows:lighter towards the inside of the eyebrow, darker towards the tail.

  • Draw your lip contour with a pencil

We go through the pencil box before filling her lips with her lipstick. The advantage? The pencil prevents the lipstick from overflowing and allows those who are complexed by their small mouth to slightly inflate the volume (without going through the scalpel) To avoid an overly artificial rendering, choose it in the same color as your lipstick. lips.

Brighten up your eyes with a light blush

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Last quick (and effective) gesture to get a beauty very quickly? The clear eyeshadow to enlarge your eyes, which is placed in the inner corner of the eye.

We now have all the keys in hand to achieve an express make-up in the rules of the art. Last reminder:moisturize your skin well before starting.