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4 tips to intensify your gaze

Abewitching gaze , mysterious, hypnotizing, who does not dream of having doe eyes ? The kind of gaze in which it is pleasant to dive into to get lost. Eyes that with a blink of an eye would make all men fall. Those revolver eyes are not reserved for the happy few on the red carpet.

#1 Working Eyebrows

An essential step to emphasize your look :draw your eyebrows well. Tweezers, wax strips, threading... There are many shaping techniques. It is up to us to adopt the one that suits our needs and expected results. As soon as the shape is defined, we can perfect the style with pencils, brushes and eye shadow. We recommend the Couleur Caramel organic eye contour pencil.

When we have to redesign the eyebrows , a few rules must be followed. First, the pencil and/or eye shadow must be one shade lighter than our natural color . This gives a more natural look while avoiding over-obscuring the eyebrows. Second point, instead of drawing a long line, we advise to operate with small fine lines . To do this we can also use a mascara brush . A simple lash/brow brush, with a bit of eye shadow or rubbed over a pencil, can also do the trick. The idea remains to subtly add material and color on the eyebrow.

#2 Brighten the eyes

To intensify the look, we can try to illuminate and highlight some lines of the face . This technique allows you to emphasize and embellish certain features and bring out the eyes . For this purpose, we recommend the organic complexion enhancer trio by the brand Couleur Caramel. Thanks to its 3 shades and its easy-to-apply texture, it can be used for contouring but also as a highlighter to enhance the look . To do this, just apply the lightest shade just above the eyebrows. We can also apply it a little lower around the eye area to enhance the cheekbones .

If the highlighter is not available, a dark circle corrector can also do the trick. This allows, in addition to illuminating the eyes, to unify the complexion .

A good technique to increase the intensity of the gaze would be to illuminate the inner corner of the eye . We can use the highlighter of the complexion enhancer or a white pencil . Apply a simple line to the corner of the eye then blend gently. For a more natural effect, we can opt for a beige pencil . This trick, although discreet, greatly widens the look.

#3 The smoky eyes look

What better way to intensify your look than adopt the smoky eyes look . This evening makeup offers an ineffable depth and a bewitching side . It consists of a shade gradient for eyeshadow . From lighter for the inner corner of the mobile eyelid to dark shades for the outside. Although the look is named smoky, this style can be executed with all possible shades and colors . The first step is to lay a foundation . This makes it easier to apply and hold eyeshadow. Then, all you have to do is apply the 3 makeup shades . A light shade for the inner corner, a more vibrant color in the middle and finally the dark shadow for the outer side. These 3 shades deposited, all that remains is to melt and blend the materials . To highlight the look, simply subtly trace the top of the eyelashes with an eyeliner . For this purpose, we recommend the organic green liner by BOHO Green Make-up.

It is not essential to adopt smoky eyes to intensify your look. A few more subtle tricks can serve this purpose. Make a light pencil line on the outer corners of the eye skilfully opens the eyes. It must be traced and stretched up towards the temples . We can also juggle makeup with matte and iridescent textures to bring out our assets. The mascara and the eyelash curler are also great allies for bringing depth to the look . Elissance Paris's intense natural waterproof black mascara is your ally for ever more voluminous eyelashes.

#4 Lighten the rest of the make-up

Last tip to accentuate your look:lighten the rest of the make-up . More precisely, opt for a nude or at least matte lipstick and lightly tinted. We can also add a little shine to subtly highlight the lips. To do this, we recommend the natural glitter gloss gloss by Rose la Lune. With this little touch your lips will be shiny and irresistible without stealing the show from your look. This trick, although modest, brings more effect than it seems. This makes it possible to draw attention only to the eyes made up.

Thanks to these 4 techniques, you will now know how to highlight your eyes. You can take advantage of all these wonderful treatments by composing your personalized box and benefiting from a 30% discount with the code RITUEL .