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5 look inspirations to wear your high-waisted pants

High-waisted pants has been talked about for several decades now. Sometimes adored, sometimes hated, they were the flagship pants of the 50s, then 70s to come back in force in the 90s with their path cut of elephants.

Since then, it's the low-waisted cut that has come back into fashion and imposed itself in force in our wardrobes. However, for some time now, it has been the great comeback of high-waisted pants. It comes in all versions, from the chic look to the vintage look, with a straight, fluid or wide cut and fashion designers and fashionistas are constantly rediscovering this cut with a flattering waist.

So are high-waisted pants for you ? How to create a trendy look with your high waisted pants in 2019? Follow our guide to find out all about this timeless cut that will make you capsize this winter.

How to choose your high-waisted pants according to your morphology?

High-waisted pants are a worked cut and some people don't dare to integrate them into their wardrobe for fear that it won't be adapted to their morphology. But then who are high-waisted pants made for?

High-waisted pants have the advantage of going to almost all types of silhouettes. This piece being ultra trendy this year, the shops offer us a multitude of cuts and models available. Whether with bows at the waist, with a tight, skinny or slightly flared cut, with fluid or thicker materials such as jeans or velvet, you will find something for everyone. The idea is therefore to find the model that will be best suited to its morphology for a successful look.

If you are rather thin, you can afford to wear daring and original cuts like flared high-waisted pants. You can also wear thicker materials such as velvet pants that will give style to your outfit. Same thing for the choice of patterns, as you are thin, you can choose more pronounced prints such as stripes, polka dots etc.

If you have curves, don't be fooled by appearances and misleading ideas. High-waisted pants may be the perfect fit for you. Indeed, the high waist gives a flat stomach effect and swallows the unsightly curves at the waist. On the other hand, there is no question of choosing patterned models that would add volume to your silhouette. We opt for plain high-waisted pants and straight cuts in dark tones such as black or gray.

How to wear high waisted pants?

As we said, the high waisted pants can pair with many pieces, and you can create various different looks easily. What to wear high-waisted pants with? How to choose trendy high waist pants in 2019? Everyone has their own style and way of wearing it!

High-waisted pants for a chic and casual look

The best option to achieve a chic and casual look with your high waisted pants is to pair them with a basic tee shirt tucked into the pants and a nice pair of heels for enhance the chic side of your outfit.

  • If your high-waisted pants are plain , you can choose a T-shirt with writing or a discreet pattern.
  • If your high-waisted pants are patterned , prefer a simple plain white t-shirt.

High-waisted pants:perfect for your office looks

For a working girl look , opt for a white shirt with your high-waisted pants. This option gives you a very elegant look that will be just perfect for going to the office or for a business lunch.

You can wear your shirt or your blouse rather close to the body for a sexy look or in a slightly bloused mode to play on the masculine/feminine spirit which is very fashionable this year .

  • Shoes:heels will obviously be perfect, but you can also choose to wear chic loafers.
  • For accessories:choose a pretty plain leather bag and some discreet jewelry.

A casual look with high-waisted jeans

This year, you couldn't miss the Mom jeans trend :the cut of the moment. A real must-have in a trendy wardrobe, Mom jeans are high-waisted jeans with a straight cut and rather wide at the hips.

This type of high-waisted pants will be perfect for a morphology with a low waist. On the other hand, it should be avoided if you have a belly or already well-defined hips.

A chic look with high-waisted jeans

To give elegance to your outfit, do not hesitate to associate it with your high-waisted jeans to a pretty piece of lace or a beautiful silk blouse. Add heels and you're done!

The combinations are endless to create a chic look with high-waisted Mom jeans.

An elegant and vintage look thanks to the wide-cut high-waisted pants

High waist wide leg pants come in different fits. It sometimes has the shape of a Palazzo:fluid high-waisted pants and sometimes a more vintage cut which is very trendy this year. It gives a 100% retro style and offers a strong personality to those who dare to wear it.

If you want to achieve an elegant look and are wondering how to wear high waist wide leg pants , follow our advice:

  • Wear it with a top tucked into the pants.
  • Do not hesitate to belt it to give chic to your outfit and mark your waist.
  • This type of pants is perfect with a nice pair of loafers.
  • Be inspired by the 80s and 90s to create your looks while choosing modern pieces to associate with this vintage cut.
  • Don't overdo the accessories, wear a few thick pearly or gold bracelets, multi-row necklaces and a nice leather bag.

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