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6 trendy look ideas with khaki pants

Among the colors of must-have pants in fashion, we find every year the khaki pants . This masculine-looking piece with its military color has become one of the must-haves in the female wardrobe. From teenager to 60-year-old woman, from rock look to chic look, the khaki pants fits more and more easily into our clothing styles.

It must be said that khaki is an easy color to combine. So if you want to have a striking look with your khaki pants , follow our fashion tips. Inspired by streetstyle looks from Fashion Week, we studied how to wear khaki pants with class . We tell you about it just below.

Khaki pants:a fashionable piece with character

Just like your black pants or your jeans, you can adopt the khaki pants no problem. If you are still hesitating, read what follows.

Persimmon has the advantage of blending very easily. In winter:perfect combo with khaki pants and a chunky beige knit. In summer:a white t-shirt is enough to create a feminine summer look. Moreover, khaki is a very popular color all year round. It stands out more and more during Fashion Week shows. Jacket, coat, trench coat, safari dress, shirt dress, khaki parka, khaki jumpsuit and finally the famous khaki pants seem to have invaded IT fashion trends of the year.

6 look ideas with khaki pants

The total khaki look

It's far from being the easiest of combinations, but like all shades of colors in a look, if the exercise is done well, the look will be successful. We therefore advise you to try to marry some green pieces with your khaki pants . It will take shades that are pretty close visually if you want this to work.

To make your look feminine with a khaki ensemble, better to wear high heels . A suedette or velvet ankle boot will be ideal to warm up the look and give it elegance.

For the cut of khaki pants, bet on a modern cut with a high waist like carrot pants or paper bag pants

Khaki pants in the rock dress style

In terms of color, the rock register is a bit out of color. In addition to black, red or white, it must be admitted that it is easy to distort a rock look when you bring a color that is too flashy.

The good colorful rock style option is the kak pants i. Not only does the color go well with this style of clothing, most of the pieces of which are black or white, but in addition khaki is a color with character. Ideal therefore to interfere in the rebellious attitude of the rock clothing style!

How to wear it?

  • With a loose white tank top.
  • A women's motorcycle jacket.
  • Flat black ankle boots or heels (chelsea, chunky…).
  • White sneakers.

Don't forget the feminine accessories that make the difference! A leather bag, a nice pair of sunglasses or a hat.

Chic style with khaki pants

If you're looking for a glamorous and feminine outfit with khaki pants, you can't go wrong pairing it with a white blouse and high heels. The ideal outfit for going to work with khakis and create a powerful, chic and feminine look!

  • For your top, bet on a refined blouse (silk, lace). A white shirt can also work.
  • For shoes, opt for nude tones to soften the look and bring out the khaki.

Androgynous style with khaki pants

Many designers are surfing on the androgynous clothing style . With its boyish look, its style is actually much more feminine than it suggests. He even has a bit of an intriguing couture spirit, we have to admit. So if you have a bit of Aymeline Valade and her androgynous style, dare to wear khaki pants with dark pieces and masculine cuts.

Retro style with khaki pants

Eighties or nineties, what will be your reference decade?

One thing is certain, to get a good retro style worthy of the name, opt for khaki pants that are out of the ordinary. Culotte style, loose trousers, side pockets s, denim material, harem pants , baggy, slouchy, it's not the retro cuts that are missing at the moment!

Pair with oversize tops , oversized cuts, a trench coat, an XXL parka, a white shirt snatched from your man's closet, block heels or geometric heels or any vintage pieces you have in your wardrobe.

Safari-style khaki pants

The safari style is a timeless style of clothing. It regularly returns to the front of the stage with its khaki, beige and camel shades. It's very simple, we love it and so do the creators. To sport the safari style, it's impossible not to have khaki pants in your wardrobe.

Cargo, paper bag or slightly slouchy fit, you will belt your high-waisted pants with a beautiful black belt that you will wear with a shirt with pockets in white, beige or cream.

And for the shoes, opt for braided wedge sandals or black shoes with square toes.

In summary

  • Khaki pants are a must. Ideal for creating a chic and elegant outfit with a retro touch and an adventurous style.
  • Whether you like dressy or more casual clothing styles, you will have no trouble wearing khaki pants.
  • For a streetstyle look , dare to mix pieces (high heels with cargo pants and white blouse).
  • For a rock style, just wear a tank top or a camisole or even a bralette with your khaki pants.