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7 fashion looks with high waisted pants!

At the heart of the trend, high-waisted pants have become one of the essential pieces of women's dressing. It comes in a variety of designs, from straight cut to wide cut to flowy cut. How to compose a fashion look with high waisted pants in 2020? Here are our tips.

For a chic and casual look

High-waisted pants are a great classic for chic and casual looks . This one usually goes with a basic t-shirt tucked into the pants to highlight the hips. If your t-shirt is a solid color, choose colored, striped or patterned high-waisted pants. On the other hand, choose plain pants if the top is already very colorful, with a pattern or writing. It is important to bet on sure values ​​to obtain a beautiful city chic look. As shoes, choose a nice pair of square and open heels to highlight your figure. Wearing high-waisted pants with a small undershirt, a Fedora and heeled ankle boots is also a good idea for a fashion look . Accessorize your outfit with a small shoulder bag and XXL jewelry. For the hairstyle, the trend is to tie the hair with a scarf scrunchie.

High-waisted pants for a working girl look

To create a beautiful working girl look, opt for high-waisted pants for women with a white shirt or a flowing blouse. You can also bet on a nice crop top and a tuxedo style jacket to bring a masculine/feminine side which is at the top of the trend this 2020. As shoes, heels are always recommended. However, you can wear beautiful moccasins or a pair of derbies. Finally, remember to emphasize your look with discreet jewelry and a leather handbag basic and solid color or python print.

For a casual look

If you're a fan of the casual look, let yourself be tempted by the Mom jeans. Must-have for this 2020, Mom jeans are high-waisted jeans whose cut is straight and rather wide at the hips. These pants are perfect for marking and highlighting the waist. It goes with all types of top:shirt, blouse, crop top, etc. For a casual look, do not hesitate to combine your Mom jeans with a plain white t-shirt or with a little writing and a perfecto. Wear mules or sneakers with this cool look. To finish the outfit, opt for a tote-style handbag.

For a chic look with high-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans aren't strictly for cool, street looks. Creating chic and trendy looks with these clothes is quite doable. Moreover, there are endless possibilities for combining fashionable and elegant looks with high-waisted jeans. For this, you simply have to combine the high waisted pants with a beautiful piece of lace, silk or a beautiful neckline with beautiful English embroidery and beautiful pumps with stiletto heels . You can also wear a puff sleeve top with your high waisted jeans. In addition to being elegant, this look will accentuate your femininity. In any case, the idea is to bet on beautiful prints and noble materials on the top to bring a touch of elegance to the outfit.

High-waisted pants for a bohemian look

The palazzo is the bohemian piece of clothing par excellence. These are high waisted wide leg pants. It comes in several versions:ankle-length, three-quarter length or very long. Remember to associate your palazzo with a beautiful fluid blouse e for a beautiful bohemian look. Do not forget to put on a perfecto or a basic coat to avoid catching cold. You can also put on a loose sweater or a flowing blouse or even a single-sleeved and close-fitting top with the pants. Don't forget to tuck the top into the pants and enhance your outfit with high heels.

For an urban street look

Urban street or urban style is defined as a comfortable, practical, relaxed but structured style. High-waisted pants with a cargo fit are perfect for this style of dress. The cargo pants are worn with a tight-fitting t-shirt with a high neck and a well fitted jacket. You can either wear sandals with high and square heels or ankle boots with military inspiration or sneakers. For the hairstyle, opt for the wavy which is still very fashionable at the moment.

For a vintage look

The palazzo is also suitable for the vintage look. In this case, it is worn with a turtleneck with long sleeves or not and close to the body. Enhance your look with open sandals and heels. This will also allow you to highlight your figure. Apart from the palazzo, the carrot pants are very fashionable. This one is high waisted pants and is said to be 7/8th. Carrot pants work just as well with t-shirts as they do with shirts and tight tops. Whichever model you choose, the top will simply have to be tucked into the pants . Remember to belt the pants to mark the waist. Also, know that the carrot pants can be associated with all types of shoes. For a relaxed and casual look, pair it with loafers. On the other hand, favor stiletto heels for chic and elegant outfits.

High-waisted pants come in a wide selection of styles, cuts and materials. Available in several versions, it is suitable for all body types and all clothing styles. If you have curves, prefer plain high-waisted pants with straight cuts. On the other hand, the flared high-waisted pants are perfect for those with a thin waist. The piece of clothing goes with all styles of tops and shoes. Just tuck the top into this one to create a trendy and stylish look.