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What look with a long denim skirt?

Another trend that comes straight from the 1970s:the long denim skirt. This fashion piece, neglected for a few years, has nevertheless had its hour of glory. It was one of the key pieces of the 70s.

With the return of seventies fashion, flare cuts, jeans and midi cuts, it was therefore logical that the long denim skirt make a comeback. You don't know how to wear it for a trendy look? Discover our 8 look inspirations to wear the long denim skirt with style.

How to wear a long denim skirt this winter?

To bring this fashion piece up to date, it will have to be modernized. By this I mean that it will have to be associated with the right fashion pieces to create a sharp and worked look. Don't be afraid, it's very easy!

How to wear a long denim skirt?

  • This season, the long denim skirt is worn with a belt.
  • Choose a high-waisted long denim skirt.
  • The trendy cut of the moment:the denim skirt with a slit at the front or with a button fastening at the front.
  • Choose a midi cut for a modern style.
  • Dare trendy associations like high boots, strappy high heels, slingbacks Chanel way .
  • Feel free to use accessories (headband, hat, handbag, etc.) to enhance your look.

What top to wear with a denim skirt?

To take away the "grandmother" side of the denim midi skirt, wear a feminine top. Denim shirts, blouses, tops, close-fitting t-shirts, you're spoiled for choice. The advantage of jeans is that they go with everything!

  • If you are looking for something elegant and chic, white and lace will be perfect. A beautiful white blouse with a claudine collar or an ascot collar will immediately give a touch of elegance.
  • A rather casual outfit? So go for a basic t-shirt but don't forget to belt your skirt and wear feminine accessories.
  • Office look? Yes the long denim skirt can be worn in the office. Choose a raw long denim skirt and mix it with a white shirt and slingbacks .

Long denim skirt:trendy winter looks

A seventies look with a long denim skirt

The long denim skirt is one of the key pieces of the looks of the 70s. That's good, this year, it's the return of the seventies trend. You will therefore be able to create a multitude of looks with this single piece.

  • Pair it with thigh-high boots or high boots for a chic seventies look.
  • Dare to wear a faux fur or imitation sheepskin coat.
  • Wear your long denim skirt with a Liberty-style blouse or with a typical 70s print (flower prints, psychedelics, checks, etc.).
  • Pair your denim skirt with lace and a camel belt.

The rock-style long denim skirt

To rock the long denim skirt, opt for a light long denim skirt that you will mix with fashion rock pieces. The denim skirt with buttons on the front offers a less smooth appearance than a fully sewn skirt.

For a rock spirit, try to choose a model with slits or with a discreet but very present wash. Here is with what kind of top wear your denim skirt :

  • A rock t-shirt
  • A sweater with a logo
  • A black biker jacket over a basic t-shirt


What shoes with a long denim skirt for a rock style? Biker or pointed-toe ankle boots are ideal.

But you can also create a pretty rock chic look with gold, red or metallic heeled sandals.

The chic and feminine version of the long denim skirt

If you want to wear a long denim skirt in the office , you just have to accessorize your outfit.

Jeans are often seen as a casual piece. However, a long denim skirt will give you a very elegant and very working girl touch. .

Choose a silk, chiffon or lace blouse.

In summary:

  • Like the short denim skirt which is rather casual, the long denim skirt is a dressier fashion piece.
  • We wear it with high heels and chic blouses.
  • For a feminine and sexy cut, opt for a midi skirt with a front slit and buttons.
  • To give it a rock-chic spirit, simply swap your heels for a pair of ankle boots and slip on a perfecto or a light bomber jacket.