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How to choose your long skirt?

The long skirt is in the spotlight in our wardrobes again this year! We love it for its flattering shape that suits all silhouettes.

Well accessorized, it allows you to play with an infinite style of combinations for your looks. She sometimes wants to be bohemian, sometimes sexy, but also chic for certain occasions. It can even be worn in sportswear.

You will understand, the maxi-skirt is a must-have to have in your closet, in winter as in summer!

If you want to know how to wear the long skirt, here are all our tips to follow according to the look you want to obtain and according to your morphology!

How to wear the long bohemian skirt?

Here are two ideas for finding the perfect long skirt ! Which patterns and which colors to choose? And especially how to highlight our outfit?

Flowered skirt and romanticism

The floral skirt is the perfect choice to achieve a bohemian look with a maxi skirt.

Flowers always look chic but at the same time casual.

Be sure to choose light tones or discreet and delicate flowers to stay bohemian chic and do not opt ​​for large flowers which would rather bring you back to an ultra modern look.

The white skirt for a boho-chic style

White is synonymous with purity and softness. This makes it a perfect choice for your bohemian look that should encourage dreams and travel.

They are often fluid in their materials and they twirl easily in the wind.

Choose a long white skirt is always a good choice for bohemian chic.

What should I wear my bohemian skirt with?

We obviously choose flat shoes of preference. Sandals or sneakers in summer or ankle boots in winter. But it's also very pretty with platform shoes and some heels if you stick to powder and pastel tones while mixing lace, crochet and silk.

Some pairing ideas:

  • Overdo the accessories by adding necklaces and maxi bracelets
  • Go for a lace top
  • You can also opt for delicate materials that add a touch of romance to your look
  • Pair your skirt with a black biker jacket for a rock touch
  • Think of the denim jacket which is perfect for a bohemian chic look

If you like the boho style, you can also find out how to choose a bohemian dress for the perfect bohemian chic look.

Sexy in a maxi skirt

Choose a long tight skirt

Here are several ideas to be sexy with a close-fitting skirt! A wise choice is to choose a tight skirt because it will come to marry your forms. It is therefore better to be comfortable with your body and fully assume for this style of skirts.

No more complexes! Whether you are round or thin does not matter because in reality the tight skirt suits all silhouettes! if so it's true!

For example, the pencil skirt is a piece often requested by plump women who assume their femininity! Worn with a nice pair of heels and a very high waist, it lengthens the silhouette. Wear the pencil skirt in style so it's possible for everyone.

These maxi pencil skirts which were already present in the 2018 collections, continue to seduce designers and fashionistas of the whole world. Know that this year, in the spring/summer 2019 collections, they are worn adjusted. No more classic looks reminiscent of office outfits. We choose them straight, reaching below the knee or in maxi skirt mode up to the calves.

The timeless black skirt

If you're looking to be elegant, the black skirt is the perfect skirt for all occasions!

You can wear it both in winter and summer and pair it with lots of different pieces. Sneakers, boots, heels….

For a sexy look, you can choose it in leather for example but also quite simply in a lighter material with a small plain lace top in summer.

Chic and elegant in a long skirt

Pleated skirt:sophisticated skirt!

If you want to look sophisticated, you can choose a pleated skirt.

This cut of the skirt is the most suitable for all body types.

Choose it in noble materials such as leather for example, or silk-based for its light and fluid side. Silk is a great choice for wedding or cocktail attire.

Be sure to always pair it with heels to give elegance and longitude to the silhouette.

A sportswear but chic look

If you want a more sportswear look , it is essential to wear sneakers!!

Here are 3 top ideas perfect for your look:

  • a small sweater or a T-shirt with a message close to the body in summer
  • a peter pan collar or a button-up shirt
  • a big loose knit

How to wear a long skirt adapted to your morphology

The high-waisted skirt if you're petite

If you are petite, the maxi skirt is perfect for you s.

  • Wear it with heels. It will give you height and gazelle legs!!
  • Opt for a high-waisted skirt. This will give an effect of long legs.
  • Tuck your top into the skirt to accentuate the waist
  • Choose neutral tones for the top

The long pencil skirt if you're tall

If you are tall, the right choice is the maxi long tight skirt.

Be careful not to add too high heels there either!

I'm round

There are two ways to wear the long skirt when you are curvy :

  • We choose it below the knee and rather fitted. In this case, it is essential to wear heels to elongate your silhouette.The straight skirt fitted but not too tight is perfect for rounds! so is the pencil skirt! Be sure to take a light material and avoid materials such as leather or tweed which weigh down the silhouette.
  • If you have strong calves, you'll prefer it long and low at the ankles

Above all, remember the following tips:

  • Choose vertical patterns instead to highlight the silhouette
  • Playing with props (bracelets, necklaces, rings, hats)
  • Opt for a light material like for long bohemian skirts
  • Dare the neckline! sexy effect guaranteed
  • Always choose a high waist
  • Choose dark for the skirt and light or colored tones on the upper body