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8 ways to wear the pencil skirt in style

If you want to know how to wear the pencil skirt , here are the style tips from the editorial staff to be on top.

Christian Dior revolutionized the world of women's fashion by creating the first pencil skirt in 1954.

With the wave of a magic wand, he managed not only to invent a whole new shape, but also to introduce a garment that would enhance any woman's body . By emphasizing the hips and natural curves of women around the world, the pencil skirt has since been recognized as the most flattering skirt on the market.

Many women mistakenly think that wearing a pencil skirt is reserved for business women!

How to introduce the pencil skirt into your wardrobe without making a mistake? A wide choice awaits you! Floral print, sequins, lace, leather... If you don't know where to start, we're here to discover the most stylish ways to wear this iconic piece.

The different styles of pencil skirts

Since the 1950s, the pencil skirt has undergone multiple style evolutions. Therefore, although the narrow, figure-fitting shape has remained the same, the way it can be worn has largely developed.

Whether you're looking to copy the look of a sultry Hollywood siren , a powerful businesswoman or a high fashion mogul, the pencil skirt is your new secret weapon. Wear it to the office, on the street or for a night out on the town.

For the petite ones, opt for a skirt that falls to or just above the knees. This will enhance your natural shape while creating the illusion of height. From there, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Looking for a more casual outfit? Pair your denim pencil skirt with a colorful print top and some vintage shades.

More of an evening look? Just put on a tight black pencil skirt and a satin blouse. Finally, add a little lipstick if you're going out to adapt your style from day to night.

The denim skirt

For women who admire the vintage style of muses like Alexa Chung and Chloé Sevigny, the straight denim skirt is a must .

Forget the old fashion rules your mother taught you.

Thinking of pairing your casual denim skirt with some sleek stilettos? Yes of course you have to dare!!

Also experiment with pairing with vintage pieces for a truly unique outfit.

Finally, add a pair of simple heels to elongate the legs and give your look some allure.

Leather Pencil Skirt

You are looking for a sensual and sophisticated accessory for your wardrobe? Opt for the leather pencil skirt!

This daring look will give you some pep and above all it will make you a woman who is confident in herself, which makes her a winner in almost all occasions. So, although the leather pencil skirt is not suitable for the beach, we guarantee its success in the office, on the street or during an outing.

To balance out the ensemble and ensure you have a sophisticated look, opt for tops with a high neckline and long sleeves. Plus, play with the shape and texture of your tops while keeping colors neutral and understated. To complete the look, dare the black leather bag and the high-heeled ankle boots. If you like this style, discover all our fashion tips on how to wear the leather skirt this winter.

Wearing a red skirt is also incredibly sexy, don't forget the red pencil skirts. They bring a lot of chic to a formal outfit.

Floral Pencil Skirt

Adding a few flowers to your outfit is never a mistake, be sure.

While there are no set rules, there are a few easy ways to create a truly memorable outfit.

For light florals, look for tops in light colors and delicate fabrics. This will give you a dreamy and feminine look.

If dark florals are more your thing, then pair your pencil skirt with dark sheer or lace tops for a sophisticated outfit. Finally, for a truly unique approach, dare to break up your outfit with a blouse, a coat or a t-shirt with a 'shock' print!

Pencil skirt with sequins or sequins

In recent years, sequins have moved from the glittering cabinets of performers to the neatly tidy cupboards. And yet sequins and sequins are making a comeback today.

A classic white blouse or black tee will instantly elevate that look from disco diva to high fashion trailblazer.

The elegance of lace

For an ultra-feminine fabric that complements the ever-flattering silhouette of the pencil skirt, look no further than lace.

For all the ladies who believe lace is outdated, bridal, or just not for them, put those thoughts aside right now.

With a few simple styling tips, this delicate material can be the centerpiece of a modern, trendy and refreshing outfit.

First of all, if you're going to wear a white lace skirt, it's probably going to be the first thing people notice. Therefore, to elongate the look of your legs, wear a pair of ai heels quotes.

This will move the eyes towards the ground, giving you a few more inches.

Whatever color of skirt you choose, lace is, in essence, a highly worked fabric. Therefore, you can opt for either of two ways to find her top. First of all, you can marry complexity with complexity to bring out your femininity, by wearing a matching lace shirt or blouse.

Alternatively, you can create a modern outfit by choosing something very simple.

This season, our top picks include a light striped shirt, a loose cashmere knit or a tight, form-fitting turtleneck that hugs the figure.

Dare to print

While the idea of ​​plaid may bring you back to nostalgic memories of your high school uniform, the wide plaid print has found new life on the scene street style. No longer just the basic equipment of schoolchildren, Scottish checks have become a essential in every fashion lover's wardrobe.

Incorporated into the classic silhouette of the pencil skirt, this pattern creates chic outfits for the modern, active woman.

When colors like mauves, pinks and pastel blues come into play, this garment becomesthe piece to throw on for a girls' lunch or a shopping spree well deserved.

If you opt for a working girl look , keep your skirt length below the knees and wear it with a matching jacket. To complete this look, add character by wearing boots.

For women looking for a more casual look, experiment with colorful plaid prints, a trendy transparent raincoat or a classic military jacket.

The right choice to highlight slender legs:the long skirt

For tall women looking to show off their long legs, choose a long pencil skirt.

Rather than go for the traditional knee-length style, choose a pencil skirt that goes past your lower calves or just above your ankles.

For this look, keep the pieces sophisticated with monochromatic colors, namely black, white and gray. Since you already accentuate your waist with the length of your skirt, low heels are the perfect complement to this outfit.

Finally, to keep things fun, add some color with a bright purse in one of the colors the hottest ones of the season:yellow, red, pink or khaki.

The Black Pencil Skirt

Do you know the expression that says, "women who wear black lead colorful lives"?

Whether you're taking a walk, the park, the office, or a 5-star restaurant, a black pencil skirt commands attention. And how could it be otherwise? Combining the color that flatters any figure with a skirt shape that does the same, there really is no room for error.

To pull off this look, forget the little black dress and go hunting for the perfect ‘little black pencil skirt’.

For class and allure, ladies, look for a pencil skirt that fallson or below the knee . You'll find that the styling options are as endless as your long legs.

For a chic look, consider silk blouses and black heels.

If you're looking for something a little more daring, dare the bright colors, faux fur and leather accessories that will mark your path to success.

I have curves, is the pencil skirt suited to my morphology?

When you have shapes, you can wear the pencil skirt with allure and femininity because it gives confidence and wonderfully emphasizes the curves to highlight them! It is precisely the perfect skirt when you are luscious.

Do not forget to associate it with a nice pair of high heels to adopt the trendy and chic style you are looking for.