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The Pin Up dress:the different styles

Absolute symbol of femininity, the Pin Up look has survived the years and established itself as an emblem of sensuality for modern women.

But where does this look really come from?

It all started in 1897 with the first Pin Up:Gibson Girl. True embodiment of the American ideal , it was created by Charles Dana Gibson, an American illustrator. The heyday of the Pin Up then came in the 1950s with young actresses perfectly embodying the Pin Up, the most famous of which was Marylin Monroe.

Today, although this style is less common, the Pin Up look continues to inspire fashion over the collections .

But what are the basics ?

The editor invites you to take a look at THE favorite piece of Pin Up:the dress . Whether it's vintage, Swing or pencil-shaped, find out how to choose it and with what types of shoes and accessories to wear it for a successful modern look.

Practical tips for finding a beautiful Pin Up dress :

To find the perfect dress, be careful to choose the right length . This should come up to your knee.

On the other hand, if you are petite it will be better to opt for a dress that reaches just your knee or just above it.

Second very important element:size! Your vintage dress should be tight at the waist. This is called the ‘hourglass figure’. You must therefore accentuate your waist either by the shape of your dress or with a belt to obtain a perfect result.

What a Retro Dress for what occasion?

In everyday life, we advise you to choose a swing dress for a casual look.

The swing dress , what's this ? If you've ever watched a dance competition or if you're a fan of the TV show "Dancing with the Stars", you're pretty sure you've seen this iconic style of dress before. ! Its shape highlights a cinched waist and it closely resembles the skater dress !

They can be bare neck, strapless or with thick straps. You can even add a petticoat under your dress to accentuate the Pin Up side of your dress.

If you're feeling sexy and want to show off your curves (great for va-va-voom ladies), go with a dress or pencil skirt which is a dress that perfectly hugs the lines of your body.

What accessories with the Pin Up dress?

  • Hair tape

If you've seen Grease then you see exactly the style of ribbon to wear!

Tie your hair in a high ponytail and put a pretty ribbon in it to match the tones of your dress. This accessory should be easy to find because it is a big trend this year. You can find them in all shapes and colors in many shops. You are therefore spoiled for choice.

  • The pearl necklace

Retrieve your old pearl necklace from your jewelry box.

You know, the one your mum gave you as a child or the one from Grandma that you treasure.

It will be perfect to bring a vintage touch to your outfit . In addition, it also brings the sophisticated side of the real Pin Up.

  • The scarf

It is the perfect accessory to give elegance to your outfit. Tie your hair up and tie a scarf to it. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from the tutorials, there are many on the internet.

  • Gloves

Pretty gloves will add a vintage and burlesque touch to your Pin-Up style.

How to achieve your vintage makeup?

  • The perfect lipstick

Red lipstick isn't a must, but it adds a classic, timeless look and a hint of Hollywood glamor to finish off your outfit. Choose your favorite red lipstick that will give you confidence. Preferably a long-lasting matte red lipstick rather than a glossy lipstick.

  • The false eyelash effect

Two possible options:false eyelashes or the perfect mascara that will provide maximum length and volume. The important thing is to create the illusion of full lashes even when looking down.

The advantage of false eyelashes is that with them you almost feel like a Hollywood starlet and it gives a very glamorous touch to your look. Draw inspiration from the makeup of our most famous stars for their vintage looks:Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or your favorite pin-up.

The neat, well-shaped eyebrows and eyelids lined with liquid or gel eyeliner, which is the signature cat eye.

  • A pretty nail polish

General rule:Bright red lips should be paired with bright red nails. If you're bored with red, you can try pin-up nails and stilettos. One thing is certain, your nails must be cared for.

  • Pretty rosy cheeks for a perfect complexion

What hairstyle for my retro look?

A simple pinup hairstyle has always been clean and sexy, pin curls, victory rolls, bangs and more. All you need is a big curling iron, some good old hairspray and some bobby pins to hold your curls together.

You can also use Pin-up hair accessories like hair bands, bandanas, flower pins and hats to emphasize your hairstyle.

What types of shoes to choose?

It's time to take out of your closet the pairs of heels that reveal the tips of your toes! This style of shoe immediately brings the vintage touch, perfect to match Pin Up dress. If you have a pair in a monochromatic color without a pattern, they will act as a blank canvas and match other outfits.

The most important thing to go with your dress is to opt for a heel, even small if you are not a fan of high heels. It can be a wedge heel or a simple heel. This will elongate your legs and make you walk in a more feminine way so you can really get into character.

As for colors, dare to wear patent, polka dot, leopard or rockabilly patterned shoes! Have fun!