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How to wear the t-shirt dress?

T-shirts are practical, they go with everything! Pants, shorts, skirts, the T-shirt is a basic in our wardrobes that we can adapt to infinity.

With the oversize trend which took over the ready-to-wear collections this year, you can even wear them as a dress.

Light, practical and comfortable, the t-shirt dress Can be worn casual or casual chic depending on how you accessorize it.

But beware, with a T-shirt dress, you can quickly look like you just got out of bed. Accessories are very important to wear this fashion piece with elegance.

How to wear the t-shirt dress in style ? Which shoes to wear the t-shirt dress with ? Mes Habits Chéris gives you its fashion tips for adopting the T-shirt dress this summer and surfing the trend with taste!

How to wear the t-shirt dress?

For a sportswear style

The T-shirt dress is the dress par excellence for sporting a sportswear style. A pair of trendy sneakers and your oversized T-shirt dress will be enough to create a style with a sportswear spirit.

You can choose a hooded t-shirt dress to really stay in the sportswear spirit.

For a rock style

The T-shirt dress is a perfect fashion piece for a rock-inspired look. This season, we see a lot of t-shirts with the logo of known rock bands or with rock n roll inspiration.

For a successful rock look, opt for an oversized t-shirt dress with a rebel logo or image or a skull t-shirt dress and mix them with ankle boots, sandals or sneakers. Remember that accessories give the final touch to your look.

For a casual style

The dress t-shirt is perfect for a casual look! With sandals or sneakers, just put on your dress and you're dressed! This is the perfect outfit to go in the summer. Do you have an appointment on the beach or for a barbecue with friends? Break out your beach t-shirt dress for the occasion. Just slip it on and you're ready to go!

Another very trendy t-shirt dress cut in summer, the sleeveless t-shirt dress . Even lighter and more comfortable to wear than a T-shirt dress with sleeves, you can put it on in no time and go shopping or for a walk around town.

Thet-shirt dress with pockets also offers a very casual style and is very easy to wear.

For a trendy look

The trend of the moment is inspired by the 90s and the have you seen me of the time:clear logo, brand highlighted, it's back from Fila, Nike and company!

For a latest-generation trendy look, don't hesitate to proudly wear a branded t-shirt dress trend associated with sneakers, sandals or moccasins.

For a sophisticated look

You thought the t-shirt dress was reserved for casual outfits? Think again, you can create a very chic style with a basic tee dress! As so often, accessories have a lot to do with it and set the tone for your overall outfit!

How to wear the t-shirt dress in the evening ? First of all, we add a trendy accessory of the season:the belt! In a belted version, the T-shirt dress takes on the appearance of a more feminine dress and marks the waist with elegance.

If the thigh-high trend is too much for you, opt for heeled ankle boots or flat biker-type ankle boots.

You can also wear your t-shirt dress with a felt hat, it will immediately give you style.

What shoes to wear with a t-shirt dress?

The shoes you go with your dress will mainly depend on the style of dress you want to wear.

T-shirt dresses are very easy to wear with all kinds of shoes. From ankle boots to sneakers, to sandals, it's a very easy fashion piece to match.

If you have chosen a T-shirt dress with a print (animal print, stripes or polka dots), choose plain white or black shoes like Converse instead.

Can you wear pumps with a t-shirt dress? Yes without hesitation, you can mix high heels and t-shirt dress. However, pay attention to the length of your dress. Some models are really too short to be worn with high heels. Choose a length above the thighs.

In summary:

The T-shirt dress is one of the strong trends of the season.

  • It is mainly worn during the day for a casual outfit with sneakers or sandals.
  • To wear it in the evening, opt for a t-shirt dress with a belt with thigh high boots or pumps.
  • T-shirt dresses are particularly suitable for rock looks.
  • For a trendy look, opt for a T-shirt dress with a logo or a sports brand.