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How to wear the long shirt dress?

Practical and chic, the shirt dress is timeless. The one that suits all body types is once again very trendy this season, but in a long format this time. To walk around town or to go to a more elegant event, the long shirt dress is the piece to have in your dressing room. So what shoes to pair it with? What accessories to assemble it with? We give you our advice and look ideas for wearing the long shirt dress with style.

Finding the right look

The long shirt dress can be worn summer and winter . With short sleeves when the weather is nice, it can also be worn with long sleeves when the thermometer reads zero. And whether it's during the day, at work or in the evening, there's no reason to put it aside. It's all about style and accessories.

For a bohemian-chic look, it is flowery . My advice:pair it with a pair of camel sandals and a nice hat. Otherwise, unbutton three or four buttons on the lower part of the dress and dare the high espadrilles.

A long shirt dress open to the bottom of the buttocks on denim pants will put you in the Streetwear box . A little perilous, but very fashionable. With this style of outfit, you can opt for a very fluid and loose shirt dress. At the slightest gust of wind and the slightest step, your dress will be in motion. To keep this "street" side, I advise you to put on a pair of white sneakers. For a dressier outfit, you can opt for a pair of pumps.

And because fashion is in the fifties, the long shirt dress can also be cut at mid-calf as seen in particular on Leya Robe. With a very fluid fabric and light prints , this type of dress could not be more chic. You can wear it for a wedding, or other elegant event, wearing high heels and embellishing your outfit with one or two jewels.

For a chic look, I also recommend the white shirt dress or beige or nude. Whatever the accessories that accompany it, it will give you a dressed and distinguished look. With this outfit, you can wear pumps as sandals. A leather bag in her hand and a pair of glasses on her nose. A few jewels, and you're done.

Via @Marie Claire

What about winter then? A long shirt dress can be worn with a pair of black boots and a leather biker jacket. If it's really cold, then accessorize it with an XXL wool or cotton scarf. Nothing prevents you from adding a pair of tights under your dress, anyway, no one will notice.

A few anti-fashion faux-pas tips

Choosing the right fit

The perfect length for a long shirt dress is at the malleolus, your ankle bone . For a retro look, the mid-calf cut is also widely authorized.

To wear it well, the long shirt dress must be fluid, and above all not tight on the whole body. To give volume to your outfit, do not hesitate to go for asymmetrical cuts or slit shirt dresses.


A story of corpulence

If you have a slim build, the ideal is to belt your shirt dress at the waist to mark it. For small breasts, we leave a few buttons open to dare the maxi neckline. You can afford the prints if you want, just like sticking to a solid color. Absolutely everything will suit you.

For the round ones, exit the prints which will accentuate the curves. But hello to necklines that will let your chest breathe. For you, the ideal is shirt dresses in fluid fabrics with a wrapper cut . You will have to choose it with long sleeve or short sleeve, but not with straps.

We don't neglect the accessories

In an outfit, accessories do a lot. They are the ones who give the final style. You're in luck, with a shirt dress almost anything goes.


For a casual or even bohemian look, let yourself be tempted by a straw hat or a wicker bag. On your feet, sandals, sneakers or suede moccasins will go very well. You can also enhance your outfit with a denim jacket or a suede biker jacket.

Do you want to be classy? So we bring out the pumps or the heeled boots . In terms of jewelry, we opt for a cuff bracelet or a pretty necklace that leads to the neckline. A leather bag, a pair of sunglasses, a capeline and you're done.

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If you want to try your hand at the retro look, then dare to go all the way. We accessorize with a strand of lipstick on the mouth and a silk scarf around the neck or in the hair.

But above all, we don't overdo it. If your dress has huge prints, don't fill yourself with jewelry. Sometimes a simple belt or a clutch in the hand will be enough to complete the outfit.