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8 jackets for women to be trendy and stylish at the start of the school year

Summer is slowly coming to an end and it's already almost time to put away your bathing suit and sandals... Sad news for sure, but it's also synonymous with the return to style, which is much nicer. Let's start the year in style with 8 ultra-trendy women's jackets to be stylish this fall !

The classics you never get tired of

Among this back-to-school must-haves are some absolutely timeless classics, which we'll love pairing with the trendiest pieces from our wardrobe for a resolutely stylish back-to-school look! Here are the mid-season jackets that you can already take out of your winter closet .

The perfecto

We are not going to expand on the perfecto :it goes through the seasons without really changing, and we love it, no matter what we wear it with. For an ultra-sharp back-to-school look, we advise you to wear your leather jacket on a cotton sweatshirt with a pleated mid-length skirt, you will be on top.

The trench coat

The trench coat will still be with us this fall , And that's good ! The classic beige version is still relevant, but our fashionista heart also beats for the revised and modernized models with more pep's colors, wider shoulder pads and/or romantic details. Wear with a floral dress for an ultra-trendy British-inspired preppy look.

The blazer

Plain, patterned, dark, nude or coloured, a blazer is always a good fashion idea , and this is still the case for this fall. Its formal side makes it a workwear must-have , but not only since it also dresses wonderfully the little sequined skirts of our crazy evenings. If you want to treat yourself to a new one for the start of the school year, bet on a long blazer , this is THE trendy cut of the coming season! Wear it over a dress or a short skirt, over jeans or over wide-leg pants for a trendy and chic outfit. If you are looking for a chic model at a lower price, we advise you to shop for a women's jacket on La Redoute, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

The denim jacket

This fall,the denim jacket is adorned with toupee to give the little air of the aviator jacket that we love. We wear it slightly oversized and on a feminine outfit to counterbalance its ultra-masculine side. If your denim jacket doesn't have a plush collar, there's no need to rush to the store:classic versions of the denim jacket are still on trend for this season! Note that we also love pastel denim jackets (we even completely love lilac), cropped versions, and loose denim shirts worn over a little dress and belted at the waist. We also love the ultra-long denim jacket.

The little news we already love

The 2020 fashion season has some nice surprises in store for us, and in particular some very pretty mid-season jackets. Here are the 4 women's jackets to have for back-to-school style !

The long leather jacket

A little intimidating at first glance, the long leather jacket is nevertheless one of the must-haves of the season . We love its mysterious and futuristic aura, reminiscent of Matrix, a badass witch modern times and military-style masculine coats. Our advice for adopting the long leather jacket :choose a model that falls below the knees and associate it with a sober and delicate outfit like a flowing bohemian dress for example. Generally avoid overdoing it, it is a piece that is sufficient in itself.

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So, of course, it is not a novelty strictly speaking, but rather a return. The bombers had indeed been a little more timid in the spring and last winter, but it was to better return to the start of the school year. To be stylish in bombers , we bet on a model in shiny velvet or satin fabric, or for a classic sportswear in fleece, as desired. Anyway, wear it with a feminine outfit for a preppy look, with a skater skirt and derbies for example, or with a trouser suit for a very trendy androgynous style.

The safari jacket

It was already starting to show up last spring, and is definitely establishing itself as an unmissable piece for this fall... It's the Saharan of course ! You will love its beautiful volumes, its soft colors and above all, its ultra-trendy bohemian chic style . To wear it well, we put on a feminine and elegant gypset look, with linen suit pants for example, a long floral skirt, jeans with pleats... Add a thin belt at the waist and you will be the most stylish of the box.

The lightweight parka

Gorpcore trend requires, technical clothing (or technical inspiration) are on the rise this fall. And, finally, so much the better:you will finally be able to brave the late summer rains while looking ultra-stylish, and that's really good news. For a women's jacket bang on the gorpcore trend , we put on a parka cut with hood and press studs and, of course, on a light and waterproof material.