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August to prepare for the start of the school year

A beautiful summer

The month of August rang while the sun is more shiny than ever. Its rays rock us and give us the tan we've been dreaming about for months of seasonal transitions . Tanning , walks and beaches occupy this wonderful summer season . The cocktails by the pools and the tropical scents of monoï invite you to enjoy the present moment. Small or big escape , we need this moment of relaxation and freedom . Far from the worries of everyday life, the heat of this beautiful season invites us to summer well-being.

A beauty routine

Between all its outputs improvised/programmed, we forget an essential to stay naturally beautiful :an adapted beauty routine . So much for preserve its beauty throughout the season only for his good -to be , we must find essential care . Our skin and our hair will thank us for the back to school . Indeed, summer is in full swing but the start of the school year is also fast approaching. To avoid ending up with skin and hair dehydrated from seasonal conditions , we must provide them with the best care.

#1 Scrub

The scrub is a ritual not to be skimped on in these times of intense heat . The pores highly solicited for sweating need to be purified to keep skin clear . To proceed with the exfoliation, we recommend the organic hammam soap with lavandin from the brand Olive et Moi. The main base of this treatment with scents of Provence is an organic extra virgin olive oil . Recognized for its soothing properties and antioxidants , the organic olive oil undergoes a process of saponification to give this exceptional treatment. Combined with the calming effects of essential oil of lavandin grosso bio , this soap acts as an excellent scrub.

To carry out an effective exfoliation , we can combine it with a loofah glove. 100% natural and antiallergic , this oriental sponge gently exfoliates the skin without irritating it . The sponge allows us to deeply clean our skin while the organic hammam soap nourishes it, leaving a delicate fragrance. This beauty and well-being ritual as well as the treatments mentioned are suitable for all skin types.

#2 Shampoo

Our hair need such a moisturizing care that nourishing for summer. UV rays, chlorine, salt, sand… All these elements contribute to dry out the hair fibre and irritate the scalp . Continually challenged by seasonal conditions , the capillary mass crumbles and loses its shine. To avoid a new cut at the start of the school year out of necessity, we can offer our hair some ideal care for the summer. We have at our disposal the fortifying and repairing shampoo purifiedvia from Biophytum. Enriched with organic aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, this delicate lather shampoo cleanses, nourishes and strengthens the hair fibre. A dab of this product is enough to restore all its vitality to the hair.

We can combine this with the cocooning hair mask from the same care range . This treatment mask combines shea butter and peppermint essential oil . Nourished and fortified, the hair regains suppleness and shine in one app. This conditioner repair hair. It allows easy and gentle detangling, leaving a sweet fragrance.

#3 After-sun care

Enjoy good sunbathing is a must have of summer. However, long exposure to UV rays represents a risk for our skin. Between free radicals, pollution and dryness, the skin becomes fragile and becomesmore sensitive to skin ageing. To limit the damage caused while keeping your tan, we recommend after-sun care . The solid after-sun body balm from kimber cosmetics is available to take care of our skin. This exceptional treatment is composed of coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. These active ingredients give it soothing properties , anti -oxidizing , nourishing and hydrating . It is used as a surgras bread for the whole body and face.

#4 Eye contour mask

Sunglasses or not, our eye contours also need to be pampered. To do this, we recommend the Kadalys organic eye contour quenching mask. Musactif of green banana, red algae and vegetable glycerin make up this refreshing treatment . This mask moisturizes and revives the look in one application . It can be used in the morning for a few minutes of care or in the evening for better penetration. The assets of this product guarantee an instant effect to visibly reduce the signs of fatigue and time. In a single gesture, the eyes are decongested, revived and fresh to welcome a beautiful and new sunny day!

You will find all these wonderful treatments in our August box called:summer escape.